Jul 28, 2012

Zebra Surgeonfish (Acanthurus Sohal)



Did you know?

That soft corals and leather type can not be maintained in the same tank with the zebra surgeonfish, as it will be destroyed and eaten by these fishes? While corals are not prejudiced by these fish.

The zebra surgeonfish reaches a length of 38-40 cm, sometimes more. It features striking blue and white horizontal stripes and shiny black wings with blue borders, and some orange markings behind their pectoral fins and the base of his tail. There is no marked differences in color or in terms of morphology between the sexes. 

The Acanthurus Sohal is a common species found in the edges of reefs exposed to wave action. They are aggressive with other surgeons, and territorial. Probably spawn other surgeons gather in pairs, joined by lunar cycles, releasing floating gametes. They feed on various types of algae, especially Sargassum, and finely filamentous green algae, and can also eat animal protein.  



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