Jun 14, 2012

“Xena” Pleads Guilty to Illegal Approach During New Zealand Protest


Actress Lucy Lawless, star of the television series “Xena: Warrior Princess”, and seven Greenpeace environmentalists, pleaded guilty today, to address an oil tanker illegally during a protest in New Zealand.

The environmentalists boarded the Discoverer ship and settled for 77 hours at the top of its derrick, which is 53 meters high, to protest Shell’s oil exploration off the coast of Alaska.

The police arrested and charged the environmentalists with eight counts of theft, which potentially threatened the career of Lawless for restricting entry to countries like the United States, but were later changed by illegal approach.

The district court judge in Auckland found that all defendants remain on bail and will be sentenced on Sept. 14, according to the television station TVNZ .

The environmental group read a joint statement justifying their actions and hoped that their actions “inspire others” and that people continue to support their fight against drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

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