Apr 16, 2012

Wild ass of Africa (Equus africanus)

Did you know?

That the African wild ass is the ancestor of the domesticated donkey? In the 16th century, the African wild asses were domesticated in the southwestern part of the United States. The descendants of the animals, better known as burros, still roam the Southwest.

The African wild ass has a height to the shoulders of 125-135 cm and weighs about 230-250 kg. It has a relatively large head with a long, narrow head, ears pricked and mobile. It has an erect mane and forelock without clumps. The legs are thin, narrow hooves high. The coat is short, gray with a pinkish tinge on the body and the bottom, legs and whitish muzzle. The legs are striped like of a zebra that is striking. The African wild ass can be easily differentiated from the Asian wild ass’ coat color. The African wild ass’ coat is gray, not brown. The also have longer ears than the Asian wild ass.

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