Apr 18, 2012

White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)

Did you know?

That the African rhinoceros, are either “white” or “blacks” are gray? The name “white” rhinoceros derives from the Afrikaans word “WYT” meaning “wide” and obviously does not refer to the color of the animal, but to his lips and his mouth.

The white rhino is a large rhino and an animal that is very impressive with huge distinctive hump on the neck. The head-body length is about 350 cm, and has a shoulder height is 160-200 cm. It weighs about 2500-3500 kg. The head is long and has two massive longhorn. The upper lips are square and there is no trace of outgoing lips. They have large and pointed ears, surrounded by thick hairs. The skin is hairless and pale gray. The skinfold is only at the base of the foreleg. Females are similar to males, but usually have horns longer and thinner. Birth weight is 40 kg.

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