May 22, 2012

Where is the Earth’s Water Stored?

The earth from space is considered a blue planet. This is the color of the water that covers three quarters of its surface. Only the presence of water allows life. On Earth, water is abundant, with 1.4 billion cubic kilometers in total. However, the water on the earth is distributed unevenly. This is why there are many places where there is too much or too little water.

The total amount of water on earth is estimated at 1.4 billion cubic kilometers. Of these, 97 percent is good salt water, while only 2.75 percent (38.5 million cubic kilometers) is fresh water. Although our very early ancestors came from the oceans, the salty taste of our blood reminds us that the apple has not fallen far from the tree. However, we cannot we not live by salt water. We need fresh water.

A large freshwater is found on the Antarctic ice, with a total of about three-quarters of the fresh water (29 million cubic kilometers) in glaciers and ice sheets bound. The 98.5 percent of the liquid fresh water (9.5 million cubic kilometers) is stored as groundwater in the cavities of the lithosphere . And only a small part of it, the small amount of 144,000 cubic kilometers or 0.0001 percent of all water on earth is easily accessible in rivers and lakes, soils, living organisms, and in the atmosphere.

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