Apr 26, 2018

Ways to Customize Your Danby Kitchen Appliances

One of my favourite things about Danby kitchen appliances is their portability. Danby has carved out a tidy little niche in the market with its mini-fridges and other pint-sized appliances. When you move to a new apartment, your favourite appliances can come with you! No more rolling the dice with the ancient, decrepit appliances that usually populate rental properties.

The only downside is that your old Danby kitchen appliances might not fit in with the style in your next kitchen. That’s where your creativity comes in! Here are a few simple ways to customize your kitchen appliances to your style.

Paint It

Ambitious do-it-yourselfers have found a way to paint just about everything, from floors to ceilings and everything in between. That includes kitchen appliances. While it hasn’t caught on the way painted kitchen cabinets have, painted appliances are a growing trend among those who want trendy colours without the trendy price tag.

To paint your appliances, you’ll want a specially-designed appliance paint that is heat-resistant, waterproof, and safe to come in contact with food. It usually comes in spray paint form, and you’ll need at least a few coats to make it look great. Paint a brown stove white, a white stove blue, a blue stove gold…there’s really no limitations.

Cover It In Vinyl

If painting your appliances isn’t really a viable option, there’s an alternative. Vinyl is an option that checks all the boxes of appliance paint (heat resistance, durability, etc.), and it can look just as good as a professionally-applied coat of paint. Plus, it’s easy to wipe clean, which is always important when it comes to the kitchen.

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess took this route when it came time to give her fridge and oven a new look. The colour she chose for her appliances (which lies somewhere between Tiffany blue and mint chip ice cream) completely transforms the whole look of her kitchen. They’re practically indistinguishable from true retro appliances.

The total cost came to $400, but it would work out to less than that if you’re dealing with Danby’s compact models. This is definitely one project to consider if you want to customize them.

Other Ways to Customize Kitchen Appliances

Haven’t got a knack for the creative? You can always customize your appliances the old fashioned way — with magnets. This cute DIY actually makes fridge magnets stylish and classy .

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