Apr 12, 2012

Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus)

Did you know?

That human persecution in reprisal for invading crops or overhunting for their meat, are probably the most important threats to the survival of this species? Boars are easy to hunt and provide a large enclosure. In non-Muslim countries, their meat is highly prized, both for local consumption and for trade in the markets of the city, although in many countries, especially in the west and north, boars benefit from religious taboos related the consumption of pork.

The African Wild boar reaches a head-body length of 90 to 150 cm, and a queue depth of 25 to 50 cm. They weigh 50 to 150 kg, with males being heavier than females. They are usually black or brown color. The boar has thinning hair, except for a distinctive mane of long stiff hairs on the neck and shoulders.

The face is flattened and has one or two pairs of warts and both sexes have well developed teeth. With the exception of adult males, all feral pigs live in small family units. They are largely diurnal and spend the night in burrows, often using Aardvark holes. They are predominantly herbivorous, but eat a wide range of plant materials, including some agricultural crops. The gestation period of this species is about 172 days, the average litter size is 3 with a range of 1 to 7.

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