May 11, 2012

Venice is Sinking

Venice is sinking. The city of canals continues sinking because of the rising of the sea level. This was according to a report by the Institute of Oceanography, University of San Diego California (USA).

Although previous studies have given a positive result by saying that the city’s immersion into the sea had stabilized, new measurements indicate that the historic center of the city continues to sink slowly and even leans slightly, according to the study.

“Venice continues to sink at a rate of about two millimeters a year. It is a small effect, but it is important,”said the surveyor, Yehuda Bock, California high school.

A concern is that, in the next twenty years, the Italian city can sink eighty millimeters.

Sinking of Venice was recognized as a major problem for decades, said Bock, “When scientists realized that the pumping of groundwater beneath the city, there was hindering in the settlement. However, since the water pumping¬†technique was abandoned, the post-2000 studies indicated that the submergence had ceased,” the expert explains.

The current collapse is due to natural causes, such as the shifting of the tectonic plates.

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