Jun 29, 2012

Third Technical Meeting to Solve Fishing Dispute in Gibraltar


Today will be the third meeting of the two technical committees, without political representatives, who are negotiating for more than a month, the solution to the conflict affecting fishing sailors, Algeciras and La Linea fishing, in the waters surrounding the Rock of Gibraltar. In the last four months, this has caused great tension between Spain and Gibraltar.

The president of the Andalusian owners and representative of the Fishermen’s Association of Algeciras (Cádiz), Pedro Maza, said “The appointment on Friday may be the definitive”, but do not want to launch from the rooftops as “the meeting may be important. “Once we have kept the first two, I think there is little else to say,” Maza added. In that sense, Maza points to the need to return as soon as possible to” fish” because it is still important for families who get their source of living from fishing.

The goal was made clear on several occasions. The Spanish fishermen’s goal is to “return to the 1999 situation.” In particular, the agreement reached between the government of Caruana and Spain that had allowed a few months ago when the current Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, broke the agreement unilaterally based on the laws of the environment of the colony.

“This fishing is not a problem. Someone must make a determination. We have already done everything we could do within the range we have,” Maza said, hoping that on Friday, “they can end this situation”.

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