Jul 31, 2017

Things You Might Not Know About Tarantulas

Tarantulas are often depicted in movies as fierce predators that cause all manner of death and horror (try watching KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS sometime!). In THE BEYOND, several even eat part of a man’s face off! As with sharks, tarantulas have gotten a raw deal in cinema as they are really not that destructive. In fact, they can even make very good pets.

If you are thinking about getting a pet tarantula, here are some facts you might not know about them:

Tarantulas are Pretty Laid Back

No, they aren’t sitting around thinking about ways to attack any humans that are nearby. A tarantula’s venom is also not anywhere near as potent for a human as you would get from a rattle snake bite. You will feel ill for awhile, but a tarantula bite is not a life-threatening emergency.

Tarantulas are More Fragile Than They Look

One of the appeals of tarantulas is that they look very intimidating. Unfortunately, they are actually rather fragile. If you handed your pet tarantula to a friend and they dropped it, the fall could be fatal. Thus, it is best to not handle tarantulas at all.

Female Tarantulas Live Much Longer

While males generally live 5-10 years in captivity, female tarantulas can last as longas two decades. The reason is simple: the females tend to eat males after mating with them.

Tarantula Legs Grow Back

If a human loses a leg, they will have to rely on a prosthetic for the rest of their life. Tarantula legs are more resilient; if they lose one, a new leg will regenerate in its place. Depending on the spider’s age, it might not be full length after just one molting period, but will eventually reach its proper size with subsequent molting. Tarantulas will also sometimes eat their own severed legs (yuck).

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