May 5, 2013

The Ultimate Shark Experience

Do you think you can experience the adrenalin pump associated with deep diving the oceans to study sharks? Sharks are fascinating animals worth researching and studying and this is because of their unique behavior.

Sharks are usually found in coastal regions of the major oceans. Weighing as much as 4 tons and getting to 23 feet in length, they are known for their large sizes. They prey on whales, seals and dolphins. Sharks do not prey on humans, because their digestive system is slow to break down the large amounts of bones as well as fat and muscles in humans.

Humans die when they experience loss of blood from sharks’ bite, and not really from complete consumption or loss whole body parts.


However, these beautiful species are under threat from extinction in the oceans, and conservation work has increased in recent years to protect their species.

There are a number of organizations in the world that work in preserving sharks. These train volunteers in the research, conservation, behavior and biology of sharks, as well as providing shark tourism through ocean deep dives.

It is a privilege of a lifetime to enjoy observing the behavior deep inside water, getting information about their sex, markings and sizes of the sharks. With steel cages lowered into water, you will be surrounded by sharks while in the ocean and relish the presence of these large creatures.

This is one way of participating in conservation work that helps preserve the species of these special animals, while also getting quality wildlife education in the process.

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