Sep 2, 2013

The Greenhouse curse

The greenhouse effect is at times considered to pretty natural. However, there were times when there people who did not care about the world and did much to contribute to global warming. The greenhouse effect is a probable nuisance as they add havoc to the world. The greenhouse effect curbs most of the poisonous gases prevailing on earth. How does it do that?

The greenhouse effect is indirectly held responsible for heating up the earth. The Earth, in spite of its normal warmth and gases has been at the stake of global warming due to the greenhouse effect. You would see greenhouses scattered everywhere – either in industries or in places where the culturing of tropical flowers is considered a fun hobby.

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The usual warmth that we get is mainly from the sun, of course. The Sun showers down its beam of rays and they are minimized by the protective layer of gases that surround the earth. Alas, we are protected by the most primitive gases that mankind has occurred to be knowledgeable about.

Some of these gases are reflected back and that would have made our life easier and more promising. But, the gases produced by greenhouses have to be held responsible for spoiling the climate as they tend to re-radiate the remaining gases and spoil the nature.

These gases include CFCS and tonnes of poisonous gases such as nitrous oxide, methane and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is considered to be a deadly gas. If it reaches the blood, it can play havoc and imitate heme’s responsibilities. Methane is also a deadly gas as it can play the same feature as carbon monoxide may in the blood.


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