Jan 28, 2014

The Brilliance Behind Environmental Activist

The recent climate changes have resulted in the rise in temperature of the planet. This has resulted in adverse side effects like rise in sea level, more and more tropical cyclones. There are several climatic summits and conventions. However, this is what is going on in international sphere. There are nations that contribute more to the environmental pollution than other nations. USA and China are two of the significant contributors in carbon monoxide emission.

However, it’s important to protect the natural resources of a nation. As a result individual nations develop their own environmental policies. In the USA, environmental policies started to develop 1960’s onward. The environmental movement achieved a greater pace in the 1970’s.

Another valid point on the topic of environmental activist

If you see the Acts mentioned above, you can easily find a specific aspect of the environmental law in the USA. The specialty lay in the fact that there are separate laws catering to a specific environmental issue. There is no single law that seeks to cover every environmental issue at once. We can easily say that the US environmental law is detailed, as a result.

On This Topic Of Environmental Activist

Apart from the laws, the Presidential Executive Order also guides the US Environmental Protection Agency. An attorney who has specialized in US environmental law is known as Environmental Attorney. It should be borne in mind in this connection, that environment is an issue of national concern. Moreover, there are several international conventions and treaties that a nation has to follow in order to be a member of the international community.

As a result environmental law forms part of the federal jurisdiction. Apart from laws that regulate the industrial and financial sectors in the area of environment related issues. Several non-profit organizations and environmental activist groups pressurize the government on several issues.

Environmental policy can be formed on a political, public level or it can be determined in accordance with the private sector. The public sector of environmental policy typically relates to the laws and programs currently supported by the government in order to regulate issues of environmental concern. Private environmental policy often goes beyond that up by the public sector to include other standards and regulations, normally self-imposed or put up by an individual rights group, to protect the environment.

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