May 30, 2013

Taking Care of Problems Associated with Managing fish Aquaria

This is a continuation of our previous post ‘How to Solve Problems Associated with Aquarium Setups’.

Managing an aquarium has obvious challenges, but they can always be taken care of using simple processes that you can easily do once in a while. Taking care of these challenges that crop up ensure your long term success in the fish industry.

Temperature of the aquarium

Depending on where your aquarium tank is located, you can experience variations in temperatures at different times of the day. You can use a heater to prevent the tank from being too cold for the fishes.

To make the tank appropriate for the fishes during hot seasons, then a chiller could be necessary – though a bit expensive. Alternatively, you can turn off the lights during hot days. You can also induce evaporation by leaving the tank lids open; this way evaporation induces cooling in the aquarium tank.


Gasping of Fishes at Water Surface

When fishes gasp at the surface of the water, it could be as a result of the presence of large amounts of ammonia and/or low oxygen. The levels of ammonia could increase as a result of the death of a fish, plant or even accumulation of wastes in the tank.

You simply have to manage the waste in the water without damaging the beneficial bacteria present in the water, that help decay and breakdown wastes. You should also suspend feeding so you don’t stress the entire system.

As for low oxygen levels, simply allow for aeration over the surface of the aquarium tank so that more dissolved oxygen enters the water.

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