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Jan 22, 2012

Global Warming Killing Greenland Seals

An increasing number of Greenland seals, which live on the east coast of Canada, die from lack of ice, according to scientists.

The study conducted by researchers at Duke University revealed that the surface ice of the North Atlantic, which normally pair of Greenland seals, has declined by about 6% every 10 years from 1979.

According to scientists, generations of seal pups die from lack of habitat.

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Jan 8, 2012

Save the baby seals: global warming affecting them

Global warming, a catastrophe during which man is both the first charge and the first witness. And the first victim? Not really, no. This week, U.S. researchers tell us that global warming has, indeed, other victims. We’re talking about those cute faces with white fur, baby seals.

It all started with satellite observations since 1979: The ice covering the North Atlantic, their natural habitat, have seen their surface decrease of 6% per decade since. The decrease of the ice was paralleled by a weather phenomenon known as oscillation North Atlantic with winds and storms affect the evolution of the ice surface.

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