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Jun 3, 2013

Eliminating Pollution in the Environment

In our world today, pollution has become a daunting issue in our environment today because many people have failed to understand the need to preserve our planet’s environment. There are different ways to ensure we protect the earth through our activities.

Can you imagine us having us having 800 million cars around the world, what the impact of exhaust fumes released from these cars will bring to the environment? If you own a car, you have to be responsible for reducing the pollution problem in the environment.


A way to reduce pollution in the environment is to use vehicles less often especially if you live close to your school or workplace. It doesn’t hurt if you walk to your workplace or use a bike. It helps keep you in good shape and also reduces pollution into the atmosphere.

Also turn off the car engine when it is not in use, and use the car park while waiting for your turn in a drive-through diner. You also save on the gas consumed by the car.

Maintaining you vehicle also helps to reduce air pollution. Keeping check of your tires and making sure that they are inflated properly also helps reduce the pollution it releases into the atmosphere. This also improves the friction between the tires.

Further, when you are at home, put off appliances that are not in use. Lights, air conditioners, warmers and any appliances in rooms where there’s no one in it should be turned off.

Apr 28, 2013

Nuclear Energy – How Feasible?

The incidents of the Fukushima disaster are still fresh in the memory, especially to those in Japan and other eastern countries. There have also been other nuclear disasters recorded in history. This explains why so many people are against the use of nuclear energy.Oil Refinery

Looking at countries that actually have the resources to implement nuclear power plants, it seems as though they really just have no option but to use it. Japan for example, are already looking at restarting their use nuclear power plant considering the economy and the need to keep business and commerce going in the country.

Also, China’s pollution from their coal plants has become very severe in the atmosphere. And now they just need to figure out an alternative way of generating electricity, so people can at least have fresh air to breathe.

The challenges posed by producing energy through nuclear plants have been identified: the cost, its safety, managing its waste and the risk of proliferation.

Taking a closer look at those challenges, it is possible to develop technologies that can eliminate the risks associated with nuclear energy. They will be developed as small reactors that can take care of cost, safety and managing of the nuclear wastes.

The small reactors will also use up to 95% of the nuclear fuel, preventing the unused fuel from accumulating for a long time.

Really, the time has come for the world to begin looking at the possibility of harnessing nuclear energy as a source of power.