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May 13, 2013

How Technology Can Facilitate Disaster Warnings

Imagine receiving an alert through your phone from the Environmental Agency of an impending flood, with the capacity to destroy the buildings in your neighbourhood. You get your family ready, and together with your community, you move to a safe location.

Now that is how mobile technology intends to provide aid and alert to coastline dwellers of natural disasters. The issues regarding flooding have led to the need for a radical improvement in the way floods and other natural disasters are forecast.


People use their mobile devices more these days as a convenient source of information. The Nielsen research group showed that there has been an 85% rise in mobile app development, an 82% growth in mobile websites as well as a reduction of 4% in the use of the conventional personal computer.

This means that mobile apps can be used by people to get alerts to disaster-related information in their community. Research has also shown that the use of mobile apps has more than doubled. And recently, the Environmental Agency introduced the very first Facebook flood warning system. Thus they have made flood alerts a priority in this period full of unexpected and sudden environmental disasters.

Going by Moore’s law that suggests that the power of technology doubles every 18 months, it has become a sector that cannot be ignored. This is true especially in managing the continuous natural disasters that occur in our cities today. We really need to adopt this innovative mobile technology in protecting people and their homes from unexpected natural disasters.

Jan 21, 2012

2011: The Year With Most Costly Natural Disasters

Experts say that natural disasters in 2011 were the most expensive in history, the expenditure amounting to over a quarter trillion dollars worldwide.

Over half of this tremendous loss was recorded after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, in March last year.

Although the number of natural disasters was within the average and the number of deaths was below average for damage to property caused by such disasters amounted to 380 billion dollars, compared with 75 billion dollars, annual average seen so far.

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