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Mar 9, 2012

NASA Warns Interference on Earth by Solar Storm


WASHINGTON – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that communications on Earth could be affected after the Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) and the Solar Observatory and Heliosfértico (SOHO) detected two flares enromes.

The first was billed as the largest of the solar activity cycle and the second largest recorded since 2006 moving at a speed of over 2 000 kilometers per second, while the other, a little slower, travels to about 1.770 km per second.

Because of this phenomenon, NASA expects the electromagnetic storm caused by solar activity on Earth and Mars close to 18:25 GMT.

It is also hoped that in its route passes by several NASA spacecraft such as Messenger (studying Mercury), the Spitzer telescope and STEREO-B and although the agency did not show concern for their ships, said he could register network problems Power supply high frequency radio and GPS as a result of radiation levels.

Experts estimate that the effect could extend up to three days, although the greatest impact will occur in the first 24 hours.

NASA said that the Sun goes through regular cycles of activity and every eleven years or so, there is a peak in their activity, causing storms that sometimes deform the Earth’s magnetic field and may even cross it and this is one of those years .

The flames originated in the region AR 1429 which has increased its activity in recent days and is the area that also produced two solar mass ejections traveling at 482 kilometers per second and could reach Earth within the next days.

Plasma from these ejections can create a severe geomagnetic storm that could also affect communications and cause auroras could be seen at low latitudes to central Asia.



Mar 8, 2012

The largest solar storm of the last five years impacting the Earth

The planet was hit today by a solar storm of major proportions. Besides affecting the magnetic field, the phenomenon could have an impact on the lifestyle of millions of people. According to information published by the Associated Press, a huge cloud of charged particles will impact the Earth and could wreak havoc on electricity grids.

The storm began a couple of days in the sun’s surface, however a distance of about 150 million kilometers delayed its arrival on our planet. The air flights are not free of technical flaws, especially the routes of airlines operating in the northern hemisphere, AP reported. The agency noted that navigation systems are also susceptible. GPS devices use satellites to determine precise locations anywhere in the world.

Another possible impact of the storm is the appearance of auroras beyond the north and south poles. Auroras appear as light waves of different colors at night. U.S. scientists believe that after its origin in two solar flares, the particles move at a speed of over six million miles per hour.

Joe Kunches, a scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), based in Colorado, said the storm “is hitting us right in the nose.” The space weather specialist revealed that the solar phenomenon is divided into three stages, each with different impacts on Earth.

Last Tuesday, two flares that moved at the speed of light struck the Earth. Kunches said that such eruptions can affect the transmission of radio signals. The specialist said that the planet was surrounded by solar radiation from Wednesday, warning that this phase would remain in effect for several days. The plasma cloud that hit Earth since Thursday has the potential to affect oil and high-precision GPS systems, used in oil drillers, surveyors, and some agricultural operations, scientists said.

Doug Biesiecker, expert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said that less sophisticated GPS systems, like those found in vehicles should not be affected by the solar storm. Meanwhile, the magazine New Scientist published a study that reveals a direct connection between solar storms and human beings.