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Aug 4, 2017

Global Warming: What Can We Do?

Everyone with a conscience is concerned about climate change and whenever someone mentions global warming, “What can we do?” is usually the next comment heard. While it is up to government, scientists, and industry leaders to shape final policy in this battle, there are a number of things the average person can do on their own that will help to make a difference.


Take the time to properly sort your garbage for pick-up. Compost, if at all possible.


Make sure that your air conditioner, furnace, and dryer filters are clean as this reduces the amount of electricity the machines need.

Washing and Drying

It can be tempting to run a load of laundry whenever you need the clothes in question. Unfortunately, you are wasting energy and then compounding the problem with half a load in the dryer. Wait until both are full. You can also reduce dryer usage by letting clothes air dry.


While a nice relaxing bath is tempting, you use less water showering. Also, cut back on the number of showers you take because such regular hot water exposure is hard on your skin.

Reduce Packaging Waste

If you can buy an economy version of a product, do that instead of purchasing multiple units of the same thing. That reduces the amount of packaging (and garbage) you will be contributing to landfills.

Eat Less Meat

In addition to being better for you, vegetarian and vegan diets contribute a far smaller carbon footprint than diets that regularly include meat. Even if you don’t wish to give up meat entirely, reducing your consumption can still help.

Car Efficiency

Keep your tires properly inflated and your engine properly tuned. Carpool, if possible, and plan out trips to get as much done as possible, so that you do not have to use the car more often than necessary.

Jul 28, 2014

A-z About Global Warming

Most likely one of the most talked about topics in a primary Science course, then and now, is global warming in reference to a wider subject, namely ozone layer depletion. The essence is that global warming is a cause for the exhaustion of among the Earth’s important layers, which is the ozone layer.

We have to put solutions to the global warming trouble in location now. The temperature of the world is gradually increasing and we have contributed considerably to that increase. We produce large quantities of CO2 emissions with our use of coal, oil, and natural gas, and those exhausts are harming the ozone layer. Without rapid action, we will cause severe damage on a level that might threaten our future on this planet, as the ozone layer will be too thin to shield us from the suns rays.

While this whole idea appeared to be too much for a child to understand before, the exact same could no more apply today when Mother Nature herself has actually begun to presume the duty of an educator, brimming with concrete examples, in showing to the entire world what the idea precisely indicates.

While this entire idea appeared to be a lot for a youngster to understand previously, this may not any longer hold true now when Mother Nature herself has begun to presume the role of a trainer, armed with concrete examples, in indicating to the entire universe exactly what the concept in fact implies.

Moving The Discussion Forward

Still, to make things clearer for everyone, global warming is the best in the Earth’s surface temperature, in both land and water. This is caused by a number of elements, all which mainly come down to human intervention. Firstly, global warming is caused by the release and accumulation of many contaminants and toxic substances – the byproduct of human activities – into the environment. Global warming is caused by large deforestation of loggers. Without these plants and trees, people do not have agents that help regulate and produce clean air. Global warming is caused by man’s heavy use of electronic devices that contribute to radioactive discharges.

In order for an individual to comprehend the significance of understanding exactly what global warming is and what triggers it is for him to simply check out the information or enjoy. The repeating natural tragedies that people have been experiencing all over the world are the reasons why people need to issue themselves with global warming.

People should know that global warming is the cause why glaciers have actually been melting. In turn, glacier meltdown is an element towards the boast of water level leading to floods and erosions. Furthermore, global warming is the reason there have actually been sudden, unforeseen forest fires and dry spells. Further, global warming is the cause why animals have actually been moving or ending up being extinct due to modifications in their natural environment. Lastly, global warming explains why human lives have actually been lost and properties devastated. In spite of this, some may still suggest that global warming is a progressive process so it could not be happening yet at this time. This is certainly real. Nevertheless, people are reminded that the concept is absolutely nothing new and the procedure has already begun many centuries back.

There are many things that can be done on a personal level to stop global warming. We should understand how much heat and contamination is developed by every family, this pollution is producing greenhouse gases and increasing the procedure of global warming. Among the responses to stop the warming is that we ought to consciously start growing trees not just around us, we likewise guarantee that the lost rainforests and tropical forests are recovered back to their typical volume.

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Jul 22, 2014

Global Warming

Global warming has become a hot word today. We all have been reading about it with different sources. Caron dioxide is one the gas, which is mostly responsible for it. While a couple of countries have actually begun taking some steps in the right direction to suppress global warming, others are still gradually getting. Changing weather patterns, increasing water level, the regular occurrence of Tsunamis are a few of the major effects of global warming. Noted right here below are some other effects that we could see, if some major steps are not required to stop it.

That’s right, you can help stop global warming by just not driving! Do you struggle to envision your life without possessing a personal automobile? You’re certainly not the only one. America’s love affair with the individual car has a history so long that it is deeply embedded in our culture. For many, the auto symbolizes a rite of passage, a greater standard of living and a method to flexibility. The use of individual automobiles is a major cause of global warming. On the intense side, you can make a big contribution to resolving global warming by refraining from utilizing your car. In the United States, the only sector responsible for giving off more carbon dioxide than transport is electricity generation. While reforms make electrical energy generation might take years of governmental process and infrastructure development, you can take a major step to assist stop global warming today by lowering your auto use.

Polar ice caps will certainly remain to melt at an alarming rate if global warming is not minimized. This could enhance the sea level and can possibly impact wildlife. The water launched from glaciers will certainly enter the ocean and can produce devastating by displacing millions of people.

Very interesting…..

Owing to the overall rise in the temperature, the glaciers in the Antarctic area begin to melt which has enhanced the overall sea level. If this circumstance continues, numerous low-lying locations will certainly submerge in the near future. Global warming likewise enhances the incidents of hurricanes.


As global warming will increase, it will certainly lead to even more heat waves which might trigger wildfires in some regions. These wildfires might cause deforestation. The outcome of this will be that few of the animals or birds may become extinct.

More global warming will generate warm front. Continents like Africa, where water scarcity is quite typical could suffer as they could face severe droughts.

As polar ice caps will certainly melt, the water launched by them will certainly go the ocean and raise the sea level. As sea level will rise, the areas lying next to the oceans can deal with enormous floods.

We have already seen such fires, specifically in countries like Australia and America. The reason behind these fires is the warm front that makes the temperature level warm makings these regions prone to wildfires.

The danger of new diseases influencing humanity will start to increase. This will develop havoc and in a few countries the administration could not be ready to assist a great deal of people.

The devastating effects of global warming will certainly require people to migrate to some other regions. This migration activity will cause conflict and wars as need for necessities will mature and few of the places will become densely populated.

Some parts of the world have already started seeing environment changes. Unforeseeable snowfall, prolonged heat waves, frequently taking place of floods are a few of the examples of environmental modification. This changed weather pattern may create havoc in some parts of the world.

New Orleans would be a negative effect. Making the lands flat or risen can change the winds and their climate patterns. This can trigger more rain in a location or perhaps dry spell. Changing weather is natural, but altering landforms can cause unnatural change. Something, we as people, need to consider.

To survive and live, we do have to change trusted. We need to actually study the effects of altering cannot can have on our environment and world. There are real realities that changing landforms can have unfavorable effects on animals, weather and the environment. There is a lot of doubt among people about global warming. Global warming can not be trusted, so people ought to focus their attention on saving change. Just change exactly what in fact has to change.

Migration activity as an outcome of global warming will certainly lead to the global population situation. This will certainly develop a populace imbalance. Some areas will certainly end up being densely populated while some might not be suitable for living at all.

The damaging effects of global warming might have some severe economic consequences. The damage caused by typhoons and Tornadoes will certainly contribute to the distress of individuals. The massive worldwide damage will certainly trigger big loss of money and property.

If some restorative actions are taken at the best time, the consequences of global warming could be severe. Some countries have actually taken steps by making full use renewable energy so as to decrease their dependency on fossil fuels however still it’s a long method to go. Belonging of the environment, it’s our responsibility to make certain that it remains safe and clean.

Jun 22, 2014

A-z About Global Warming

Majority of the people think that the world is coming to an end this year or rather a couple of years later on. Lots of reasons have actually been cited as possible factors that might bring the end. Such massive catastrophes might not take place overnight. It might just occur over a time period. One such aspect that can affect the life in the world is global warming that has been among the widely exploited subjects. Last night, I was watching a program on Global warming on among the popular television channels powered with my cable connection powered by FiOS TELEVISION. Let me bring to light a few fascinating points on global warming.

As soon as lead to the damage of the earth, scientists and researchers are of the look at that the increase in global warming that keeps happening year after year will certainly at. Exactly what is Global warming? It describes the rise in the typical temperature of the Earth mostly in the oceanic areas that leads to the melting of massive icebergs in the Atlantic region. Records clearly mentions that in the past 100 years, the surface temperature of the earth has actually enhanced by about 0.8 degree cent (1.4 deg Fahrenheit) of which two-third of the rise has taken place given that the very early 80’s. Researchers have actually gone on to state that the rise in global warming is chiefly due to the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. Naturally, human activities such as deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, and enhancing emission from the industries have actually added to the emission greenhouse gases.

The Magic Global Warming?

The increase in the temperature of the earth will certainly trigger the massive icebergs and glaciers in the Arctic region to melt that will eventually cause the rise in sea levels. On one hand, global warming will cause floods while on the other hand, it will cause severe heat conditions; the rise in temperature being the main reason in both these cases.

And, on another note…

The impact of global warming will aggravate the economy of a bulk of the nations. The massive damage caused by flood or typhoons could cause the damage to a great deal of life and homes that would negatively affect the financial well-being of the country.

But, What About…

The disastrous effects of global warming might have some serious financial consequences. The destruction triggered by hurricanes and Tornadoes will certainly add to the troubles of individuals. The massive worldwide damage will cause big loss of money and property.

The increase global warming will have unfavorable results on the polar ice caps. It will raise the Ocean levels. The mass of the icebergs is so huge that the National Snow and Ice Center has actually stated that if all the ice bergs and glaciers in the earth had actually melted, then the water level will certainly rise by up to 230 feet which means no life might exist on earth. The good news is, things aren’t getting to such a degree. Second of all, the melting of ice caps will certainly cause ecological imbalance. The melted icecaps are naturally not saline; so the increase in the water levels will only make the sea water less saline which might result in the loss of a great deal of aquatic organisms.

Jun 19, 2014

Things To Compare About Global Warming

Global warming is increasing day by day and there are numerous aspects responsible for the global warming. A significant reason is humans, causing global warming. Human activity like burning of fossil fuels that are coal, oil and natural gas (methane) is believed to be the one of the cause of global warming. When burned, they release carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas and extremely hazardous for the environment and humans likewise. Humans causing global warming likewise includes negative result on environment. No one has the capability to capture and use energy from sources of stored energy. Another cause is the human attitude in the direction of nature. Eating more heat, using machines for short distances, making use of the plastic bags and these plastic bags are not recyclable too, all these produce large quantities of carbon dioxide. And despite knowing all these things are mounted to the natural surroundings. Humans are not making use of energy efficiency. Making use of conventional light bulbs instead of the CFL and they are utilizing gadgets that consume even more energy and electrical energy.

This permits the emission of co2 in large quantities. Pollution can be the major reason behind it. Considering that the Industrial Revolution, humans have actually been emitting greenhouse gases. Most of the climatologists recommend that using fewer fuels can address this issue to an extent. Reducing of trees for human purposes like building residences, building roads and for many other functions have reduced the no. of trees. Trees intake the large amount of co2; deforestation has caused an increase in its amount and thus leading to global warming. Humans are triggering global warming in lots of methods and this is harming environment adversely. Humans need to take some steps preventive measures for global warming. A forestation is the very best and effective measure to stop global warming. And humans need to alter their mindset in the direction of nature, usage of light and plastic bags need to be reduced. Only then, any harmful results of global warming can be managed in environment. If the greenhouse gas exhausts are supported, this trouble will continue to persist even.

Global Warming: More News

Humans are the main factor to global warming,. It is the most likely to be caused by human activity. A study likewise informs that the concern is an obvious truth and most likely to continue for centuries. A number of reasons include consuming beef, lamb, and so on, it requires both cleaning of land for growing of animal feed and use of nonrenewable fuel source powered equipments for production, processing and transportation of this field (in addition to the meat). The main cause of Global Warming is our treatment of nature. Utilizing resources effectively will enhance the warming. It is not to state that we need to enjoy our fuel use and waste. It is not the reason for warming, but yes, it is assisting along with other causes. We believe to be able to control nature instead of attempting to arrange ourselves with Nature.

The main reasons for global warming can be generally categorized into 2 groups – natural causes and anthropogenic causes (causes triggered by humans). The natural causes, such as the solar variation, a feedback impact, natural release of the methane gas, volcanic eruptions etc., don’t cause much damage to the world. These natural causes play a crucial role in regulating the temperature of the planet, and absence of these would have resulted in freezing conditions on the world, thus making it practically difficult for the life kinds to endure. The anthropogenic causes, on the other hand, include a number of human activities which result in accumulation of different greenhouse gases in the environment. These activities consist of contamination triggered by markets and cars, methane release activated by mining and cattle raising, exhaustion of oxygen as an outcome of deforestation, etc

The haughtiness is the real main reason for heating up of earth. As a matter of truth, some individuals still think that technical solutions alone would be sufficient to fight with it. In addition, our device of measure is more and more commonly cash only. Exactly what has no cost seems to have no value to us any longer. Due to the massive complexity of the atmosphere, the most helpful devices for assessing future changes are ‘climate models’. We are just the guests, so living here accordingly is more important as we could be not the last civilization, so to leave something good for our future generation is extremely essential to safeguard it and stop the global warming.

Jun 10, 2014

Global Warming – Our Outline

The world’s climate is altering quickly. Record heat is becoming commonplace, natural catastrophes are ending up being more regular and the world’s population is blowing up. Nevertheless, there is an arising movement to take direct action to quell these forces that are rapidly changing our atmosphere. You can be a part of that movement! Uncertain how? Begin by buying a ‘Stop Global Warming’ bracelet and revealing your support for the climate and those who are combating so hard to safeguard it.

Some parts of the world have already begun seeing environment modifications. Unforeseeable snowfall, lengthened warm front, frequent occurring of floods are a few of the examples of climate modification. This altered weather pattern could produce havoc in some parts of the world.

And, have you considered:

An excellent method to make the shipping miles more rewarding is to get others on board and assemble your orders, and possibly even purchase some extra global warming bracelets to offer at fundraising and activism events. I am going to purchase some additional global warming bracelets to offer at events on my college campus. When you think about the possibilities for notifying others, the ecological effect of shipping appears minimal.

Crazy Things About Global Warming

While a strap of leather around your wrist is not going to literally stop global warming, it can work as a figurative catalyst for modification. For your individual behavior, the bracelet’s constant presence can serve as a push in the right direction when you are disputing whether to stroll to the supermarket or drive, or as a reminder to bring your fabric bags instead of making use of the plastic ones at the store. The distinct bracelet is expected to attract attention and present ample chances to notify unfamiliar people about global warming and grassroots action. Someone might have become aware of global warming on the news and desire more information on how she or he can act to stop global warming, details which you can provide-or at least you can point your brand-new friend in the right direction.

Some research studies show that the news of global warming is not all bad for farming, a minimum of not in the brief run.

It is extremely crucial in developing an enormous, grassroots movement for individuals to be able to relate to a larger group and a common cause. The bracelet will certainly do just that, permitting others to see that they are not alone.

Apr 28, 2014

Global Warming – Reality Check

Nowadays, global warming are becoming heavier and heavier, many individuals are the victims of this environmental problem. It is the reality that global warming is going to lead to a rise in human-beings’ illness and death. According to a report, owing to the climbing typical temperature levels, there are at least 20,000 Europeans in August in 2003. It’s an impressive number for every individual so that we must do some actions to solve this problem.

As the industrial revolution began in 1850 there has been an alarming rise in exhaust of co2 in the environment. Since of the activities due to commercial transformation, the concentration of carbon dioxide which was about 280 ppm in 1850 rose to 364 ppm in 1998 primarily. This has generated a serious ecological problem as discussed earlier that of global warming. Due to global warming the ice is melting on the poles and there are improved activities of tornados. This is leading to the floods and other related problems. Co2 contributes 50 to 60 % to global warming.

AIR we are utilized to considering commercial and traffic pollution as having a damaging result on air quality.


Don’t refute that we are causing global warming; we need to stop global warming prior to it is far too late. Since they do not desire to pay to deal with the problem, America and other governments do not want to confess they are the cause. They are wishing Nature will fix the problem and it will all go away or they hope that our kids or grandchildren can address the problem. We need to include that popular statement ‘The dollar stops right here’ and repair the problem.

And, what about…..

Global warming is a practical risk to the really existence of life on earth. The extraordinary rise in earth’s ordinary temperature is a cause for fear. Furthermore, the rise in temperature is projected to continue in the same rate, if some urgent steps are not taken immediately. Global warming has actually already affected the pattern of environment in numerous locations. Numerous of the recent floods, tsunamis and hurricanes are understood to be a direct outcome of this phenomenon. Global warming is also contributing to the steady rise in water level in many locations around the world. A collective effort on the part of all us is exactly what is needed to stop global warming.

Continuing The Global Warming Discussion

It’s quite possible that global warming may cause the new Ice Age. This paradox can be discussed briefly in that the Gulf Stream existing and the North Atlantic Drift (both are major warm-water currents in the northern hemisphere in the Atlantic Ocean) heat up the air around them which in turn avoids the temperature from dipping precipitously. Nevertheless, with the currents being salt-based and with the rising temperature levels causing large ice melts, the onslaught of fresh water will dilute the salt therefore removing the warming effect of the two currents. Once these currents are shut down, the temperature will drop precariously in the northern hemisphere therefore potentially introducing another Ice Age.

Mar 23, 2014

Clarifying Global Warming

Global warming can be specified as a general gradual boost in world temperature level gradually. This is measured by averaging Earth and Ocean temperature, and has actually shown a stable upwards trend over current years. It is thought that over the last half a century, this has been an outcome of human civilization and industrialization. One of the significant factors to global warming is exactly what is referred to as a greenhouse gas, which makes up greatly of carbon dioxide from the general human activity.

Global warming as a procedure is believed to be extremely devastating in regards to its impact on the environment. ‘Climate change’ is an expression which is commonly utilize in association with global warming, and it has potentially devastating repercussions for the world in which we live. ‘Climate change’ also covers global cooling, which can also happen as an outcome of human activity and greenhouse gases, and shows a considerable change worldwide’s climate, which can change our habitat beyond recognition. This might be characterised by uncommon weather condition patterns, resulting in even more regular natural disasters, which can in turn cause political and social turmoil in the years and centuries to come.

I really didn’t know!

There are a variety of international political treaties which have actually been set up to change the progression of global warming, although their concrete outcomes still remain to be seen.

But, What About?

Through political cooperation, it is wished that ecological targets can be fulfilled on an international scale, to make a real distinction to the environment. At a personal level, there is considerable scope for helping, rather than impeding the world in which we live, including recycling family waste, and minimizing personal carbon emissions.

Some critics say however that this is simply not excellent enough. They say that the actual aim must be to lower carbon discharges instead of to simply stabilize them by doing something great for the environment.

Global warming is perhaps among the biggest hazards to human civilisation, and it is something which needs a radical change in way of living to reverse. With a personal and political catalyst, it is enthusiastic that the damage done to the planet can be reversed for future generations to enjoy.

Mar 13, 2014

Global Warming Clarified

Some Global Warming theorists think it is too late to stop the effects of mankind on our environment and that these undesirable effects will trigger the onset of these super storms, freak weather and catastrophic situations. In order to regulate and avoid the effects of global warming, we need to first be in contact with a fact that it is occurring, and take some action to end and even lower it. I don’t necessarily believe that humanity’s actions are causing the planet to warm, as it appears to warm and cool all by itself over durations of hundreds and thousands of years due to all sorts of adjoined cycles. I indicate simply ask yourself, why was there a glacial epoch a few thousand years ago? Did man cause that? and the response is obviously no. But the alarmists like Al Gore will have you think otherwise.

ANTHROPOGENIC CAUSES- Anthropogenic causes are the ones which are triggered due to human activities. The most famous case amongst all is manufactured pollution. A big part of this contamination is attributed by burning of fossil fuels. When these fossil fuels they blurt a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is yet another greenhouse gas, which traps heat within the atmosphere and adds to the issue. In case of humans, it will affect food and water and other general features. All these aspects are the significant reasons for global warming. It’s upon specifically how you want to deal with the scenario. Making use of energy effectively and the changing mindset towards nature will assist combat global warming. Lots of people think that Global warming is a slow process, and it will take centuries to be in a ravaged state, but they forget that the causes producing it are rapidly rising. The rate at which we are contributing raised substantially. Some people specify that Global Warming is incorrect, it really stays in hallucination. There are human fingerprints on carbon overload.

Additional Information on Global Warming

We can not share for specific the amount of the planet might be warming, how much is due to natural cycles versus human activities, or whether these modifications in global temperature level would be mostly bad or mainly good for the majority of individuals. Today we have a government that has not done anything reliable about global warming and does not listen to individuals anyhow. And we also cannot start without overall conviction that all this hassle is true or not since my native New Zealand the warmest year on record over the last 100 years was in fact 1998! Al Gore, exactly what your troublesome fact telling me here? Absolutely nothing at all. I liken Gore to a master magician in lots of methods due to the fact that he has drawn the wool over the eyes of the world and is attempting to close down the debate and start the science is definitive. Just an outright fool or idiot would say this because as we all know science is ever altering and evolving. It always has and it constantly will and Gore understands this watercraft stands to pocket millions of your cash so why would he inform the truth.

On another note…

In fact, most of the Global Warming concepts are not based upon very solid scientific evidence, however, our Planet is going through a climate change cycle and this cycle, which is being caused by a series of interrelated cycles are warming locations of our Planet to name a few things. There is no engaging clinical proof that global warming is triggered by anything besides ordinary, natural weather cycles.

Global Warming, Seriously?

The present debate on global warming isn’t really so much whether it exists, as it is what is natural and what is not. If the guy did not exist on Planet Earth, would global warming exist? Perhaps if we all had a clearer understanding about the effects on our lives, we would try to do more about global warming.

Diminishing glaciers, rising water level, passing away coral reefs, moving animals and plants, decreased everyday temperature level fluctuations, and more prominent and regular ‘extreme precipitation events’ (a huge amount of rainfall in a short amount of time) are all suggested by today’s environment designs as a repercussion of global warming. The effects of global warming are increased and increased by war. We need to be worried, as an escalating Middle-East war, even where not yet fought over energy or water, might provide us an even shorter time than we have currently to marshal resources to deal with the excellent risk of global warming.

Feb 28, 2014

Options Regarding Global Warming

Global warming must be real! After all we have top scientists and even failed presidential candidates who says so. With 86% of Europeans polled stating that they ‘[feel ] that humans [are ] a direct cause of climate change, and 45 percent believed it could serve as a threat to them and their relatives within their lifetimes. Sixty-eight percent indicated that they would either strongly or somewhat support limitations on their buying and behavior in support of combating global warming’ it is only a question of the time for the skeptical Americans to fall victim to more government control. Those polled said it all, they would be ‘either strongly or somewhat support[ing ] limitations on their…behavior’ (Rohinsky) in order to stop a climate threat. This statistic is quite dreadful, not out of the climate threat, but as a result of the vulnerability such beliefs have upon freedoms. By analyzing the character of past theories, scientific studies, and the present evidence for global warming, it will become obvious that global warming isn’t a definitive theory, or even a legitimate one at that, and that the sole aim of such a theory is to allow government to regulate and control every aspect of our lives.

To clearly understand that the sole aim of the idea of global warming is to control us, we should look at some of the fundamental history of the theory. On June 24th, 1972 Time Magazine ran an article titled,’ Another Ice Age. ‘ In this article is reports from the top scientists of the day including Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory stated that the coming ice age was on its way. With reports of 12% increases in ice and snow in the north of the hemisphere, temperature drops of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1940, droughts, cold winters and a full range of climate irregularities, the conclusion was that of a global cooling.

Are You Serious?

When we jump forward a few decades, the s almost no one’s even heard of global cooling, and global warming is the last idea.

All of a sudden, global temperatures had risen, the polar ice caps were melting, and the ozone is nothing less of destroyed. Once again the evidence is lacking, a lot of it is not certain and the only solution for that’s for the fearful citizens of the planet to give up some freedoms in order to fight against pollution, CO2 emissions, destruction of resources that may combat the warming… The list doesn’t end.

Global warming has caused the melting of the polar ice caps in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. The temperatures in these regions have risen about two to three times in comparison to the average temperatures on earth. The polar ice caps have their own important role in the maintenance of the environmental balance. If the these ice caps were to melt, islands which are below sea level may be in danger. Cities like Shanghai and the island nation of Maldives are some places which would be done at the highest risk in such a scenario.

Since the theory of global warming has seen some challenges from a growing number of scientists, the name has once again changed. Now, as even the EPA’s website lists it, it is called ‘Global Climate Change. ‘ Global cooling was proven wrong when we all realized temperatures weren’t staying cool, global warming was proven wrong when the science didn’t add up (as will be considered further in this study), so the only solution for the agencies and government to look to was to rename the same wrong theories of the last with a vague, cover all name that is ‘Global Climate Change. ‘ While it hasn’t been proven global climates are changing, it is vague enough to cover any climate pattern that may seem irregular or unexpected, when in fact chance or timing may be responsible, instead of the tragedy of climate change.

Since global cooling has now been dismissed it isn’t needed to completely debunk that form of climate change, but for global warming, an alarming number of citizens around the world believe in it. In 2007, 82% of Americans believed in global warming, rather stunning considering the fact that a growing number of scientists are voicing opposition to the theory. In 1998 Dr. Arthur Robinson, Director of the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine launched a petition for those who’ve degrees and science qualifications to sign if they’re skeptics of the idea of global warming. 32, 000 individuals with backgrounds in science signed the petition including over 9, 000 with PhD ‘s, far greater than the 2, 500 scientific reviewers the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used in claiming there was a scientific consensus that global warming is real.

The consensus that all the loyal global warming activists and government officials always talk about just isn’t there. They want us to think that the debate is completed and now is the time for action, rather than continued research to actually prove it exists. With such a growing opposition, perhaps it’s important to actually examine the facts to see how the theory has come to be attacked as non-plausible and to see what doesn’t add up to cause such disbelief.

The current debate on global warming is not so much whether it exists, as it’s what’s natural and what’s not. If man didn’t exist on Planet Earth, would global warming exist? Perhaps if we all had a clearer picture about the effects on our everyday lives, we ‘d try to do more about global warming.

Diminishing glaciers, rising sea levels, dying coral reefs, migrating reduced daily temperature fluctuations, plants and animals, and more prominent and frequent ‘extreme precipitation events’ (a great amount of precipitation in a very short amount of time) are all suggested by today’s climate models as a result of global warming. The effects of global warming are accelerated and heightened by war. Should we be worried, as an escalating Middle-East war, even where not yet fought over energy or water, may give us an even shorter time than we have already to marshal resources to address the great threat of global warming.

To start off with, we should respond to the question according to whether the planet is actually warming. Warming is pretty much defined as an increase in temperature. Global of course means all across the globe. For global warming to be real, then we certainly need a warming globe. Common sense really, but then again, common sense might also indicate that the planet is cooling, not warming. For a decade now, 10 years, the planet has experienced cooling (Carter). 1998 was the last year in which warming occurred and since then, including last year the global temperatures have cooled and show no sign of warming this year either.

Temperatures since 2005 have dropped so drastically that all the warming that occurred since the 1980’s was canceled out. When a fan to the global warming cause hears these facts they commonly say,’ ‘how silly to judge climate change over such a brief period’. Yet in the next breath, the same person will tell you that the 28-year-long period of warming which occurred between 1970 and 1998 constitutes a dangerous (and man-made) warming’ (Carter). They also mention that of course some cooling would have to occur when you start tallying after 1998, since 1998 was a record high year. Well they’re forgetting to mention the fact that 1998 was such a record high year because it was a El Nino year. This is a natural cycle that leads to higher temperatures. As they forget to mention the fact that, we also ignore the fact that they too use the cooling of 1965 as their base line. Something else to consider is that the warmest year in recent history in North America was in 1934.

Weather has never been constant, so of course temperatures are going to grow and lower over the years. We should consider that ‘warming occurred between 1918 and 1940, well prior to the maximum phase of world industrialization, and that cooling occurred between 1940 and 1965. ‘ Periods of warming and cooling occur naturally, it isn’t global climate change or global warming, it is called ‘weather. ‘

Global warming as a process is thought to be very devastating in terms of its impact on the climate. ‘ Climate change’ is a phrase which is often use in conjunction with global warming. It has potentially catastrophic impact on the world under which we live. ‘ Climate change’ also covers global cooling. This can also occur as a consequence of human activity and greenhouse gases, and reflects a substantial change in the world’s climate, which could change our habitat beyond recognition. This could be characterised by unusual weather patterns, resulting in more frequent natural disasters. These could in turn lead to political and social chaos in the decades and centuries to come.

As we’re deceived and said that the planet is warming, we’re also being misled on evidence to support it as well. The most common myth is that the ice caps are melting and our sea level will rise. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported that there existed an increase of 9.4 %, or 390, 000 square kilometres of ice coverage in the year 2008 over 2007. Despite these facts we always see photographs of ice caps being split down the middle, suggesting out ice caps are outright being broken up and vanishing.

As ‘scientists’ parade around with their false facts of warming and melting ice caps, they can not fail to also announce how we’re destroying the coral reefs, polar bears are dying, and pursuant to a 2003 study ‘published in the journal Nature, colleagues analyzed numerous studies involving wild plant and animals for changes due to global warming. Out of the nearly 1, 500 species examined, the researchers found that about 1, 200 exhibited temperature-related changes consistent with what scientists would expect if they were being affected by global warming’ (Than). Considering the fact that scientists went into the study with assumptions on what the effects were (almost as though they were going to obtain the results they wanted no matter what they saw), they couldn’t scientifically prove what caused the so-called effects.

Everything we hear concerning global warming has to do with doom and gloom. Ice is melting, sea levels are rising, animals are dying, and life is changing, the only thing we can do to stop the chaos, is to take steps to end the warming. Despite there being no consensus and no real evidence that this warming exists, what the effects would be if it did exist or whether it could even be reversed, governments and agencies all appear to have ideas to curb our freedoms in the name of bridging the world. Why is it that every aspect of our life must be controlled? Not a single thing goes unregulated if global warming exists.

Global warming is a realistic threat to the existence of life on earth. The unprecedented rise in earth’s average temperature is a cause for worry. Moreover, the rise in temperature is expected to continue along the same rate, if some urgent steps aren’t taken immediately. Global warming has already affected the profile of climate in many places. Many of the recent floods, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to be a direct effect of this phenomenon. Global warming is also helps to the gradual rise in sea level in many places in the world. A collective effort on the share of all us is what is necessary to stop global warming.

The Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) that the Environmental Protection Agency (APA) released early in the year would give them the right to place a price tag on greenhouse gas emissions. Not excluded from this taxation of natural processes is our livestock. In New York,’ The tax for dairy cattle could be $175 per cow, and $87.50 per head of beef cows. The tax on hogs would upwards of $20 per hog,’ the release said. ‘ Any operation with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would have to obtain permits’ (Poor). This massive tax upon farmers would cost New York farmers alone $110 million dollars a year, effectively harming the American farm industry, giving the global competitors an upper hand and leaving American consumers having to pay the cost (Gregg). Common sense economics will show that as price goes up, demand goes down, effectively regulating how many animals farmers own, and regulating what the consumer buys.

Taxing livestock wouldn’t be the only new regulations we see. A popular idea proposed by those internal affairs of the global warming hoax is the submission of the carbon tax. ‘ A carbon tax would be given whenever a molecule of carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Utilities would pay it based on their smokestack emissions and pass the cost to consumers in their monthly electric bill. Each of us would pay it when we fill up with gas, based on the substance of fossil carbon in the fuel’ (Schlesinger). Once again, in the name of fighting global warming we have a tax that would force companies to have to increase their prices to consumers if they want to continue running business the way they were. As companies are essentially blackmailed into investing their money in ‘green technologies’ to look for ways to reduce emissions, the consumer is left to foot the bill. This tax is nothing but telling companies what to invest in or telling them they must raise the price upon the consumer. It is a regulative policy that strips away freedoms from investors, consumers and companies to supposedly curb the carbon emissions that is causing a warming that hasn’t even been proven to exist.

Global warming although never proven, is already gaining land in the taxation side of regulation. The regulation won’t end there though. In California all new car models as of 2009 must display a label that states its ‘global warming score. ‘ While lawmakers claim it is suppose to be about public awareness, ‘a law endorsed by the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety would make governments put a monetary cost on the emissions of vehicles they plan to purchase, and add that to expense calculations’ (Greenbiz). The car regulation isn’t ending with just labeling society and adding expenses, in 2002 California led the way with forcing companies to produce certain cars. Assembly Bill 1493 is currently facing legal challenges from auto makers who’re quite honestly, not satisfied with having the freedom to manufacture cars of their choosing removed. They are now being legally forced to make cars that ‘reduce global warming emissions’ (California Clean Car Campaign) instead of making cars that consumers demand as the free market determines. The free market deciding how cars should be done makes sense, the people want it, they demand it. California, along with other states now considering such laws, have decided to strip away the free out of market and is now even regulating what type of car we drive.

To many paying a few extra dollars or driving a certain car isn’t a big deal as long as we combat global warming. Those ones usually don’t realize to what extent the regulation can go though. If the planet is in trouble, with ecosystems out of order, food supply being cut off, climate irregular, and entire cities vanishing beneath the rising water, there’s nothing that could be said to avoid the government and their agencies from regulating other parts of our life too in order to save us from ourselves. Karen Coshof, producer of’ The Great Warming,’ said in a Cybercast News Service interview,’ Population is the basic problem-the catalyst for [global warming ]’ (Randall). Now, what is the way to battle the ‘underlying problem? ‘ The answer would be population control. Most are offended when they hear of the Chinese laws setting limits on children for families, with heavy taxation and fines for having too many children, but yet sections of the global warming activists in America advocate population control, and we can only ask ourselves how soon it will be before legislation is put up to a vote as well.

One of the most famous regulative policies concerning global warming is the Kyoto Protocol. ‘ The protocol’s implementation will require such heavy-handed regulation that Andrei Illarionov, the senior economic advisor to President Vladimir Putin who opposed Russia’s ratification of Kyoto, sees it as a recrudescence of the command economy. Appealing last week to Mr Blair to listen more to informed sceptics, he asked :’ Have there been any international agreements to limit economic development and development before Kyoto? Yes, there were two: Communism and Nazism. ‘ Many economists have determined that Kyoto would cost America billions of dollars, as a question of fact. Japan alone would be out $500 billion to cut emissions 12 times (only once) (Johnson). Through regulative policies that would determine what can and can only be produced, how it can and can only be produced, what jobs we can and can only have, what companies can and can not succeed, what investors lose or gain, it is comforting to know that Kyoto would have only reduced global temperatures by 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit. So much regulation to control global warming, and like the presence of global warming, the results of Kyoto will just not exist.

We have been raised to believe in global warming. It is in out schools, media, movies, and our professors love to espouse it. They would have us believe that global warming is, in fact, a scientific consensus, all while constantly changing the name of the climate theory, but yet a growing number of skeptics are speaking out and the evidence to sustain the so-called warming is just not there. When you combine that with the fact that everything about the theory of global warming just coincidently allows the government and other agencies to control and regulate all areas of our life, you have the operation of a fraud.

If global warming it to exist in our mind, they can raise our taxes, tell us what animals to own, raise prices on livestock, rise the prices of consumer goods, tell us what industries succeed or fail, determine what investments make money or not, regulate what we drive and take away companies freedom to manufacture based upon the free market, and even go as far as regulate our breeding. Not a single aspect of our life will be spared from regulation in some manner. We as a society have already said that we would be ready to give up our freedoms to fight global warming if it threatened us. They already have us confident that it exists, now the only thing left is owned by the threat to be highlighted. The science and history is against global warming, giving us citizens a wish that the world will open their eyes and see global warming as a regulative fraud.

Feb 19, 2014

A Real-world Discussion About Global Warming

There has been a great deal of talk on the issue of global warming. Specialists believe that human work in the past 50 years have given a negative boost to climate change. After a long list of tests and chart observations, it appears that the primary culprit for global warming is the issuance of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitric oxide). These gases have altered the membership of the atmosphere and raised the planet’s temperature with almost 1?C since 1950.

The problem isn’t that these gases exist. They have always been in the atmosphere. However, there is a great increase in their concentration. The planet started to heat up and the climate change appeared simultaneously with the onset of industrial revolution. Then, at the beginning of a new era, the concentrations of carbon dioxide increased with nearly 30 %, methane almost doubled and nitrous oxide with 15% making global warming a serious, even deadly matter.

And even more..

These figures are truly concerning due to the reality that we rely on fossil fuels to drive, to heat and to power factories not thinking of the harsh reality: burned fossil fuels are the main cause of the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming and speed up the rate of climate change.

But wait!

Still, the combustion of fuel isn’t the only person to blame for global warming. Researchers consider that the evolution of agriculture, deforestation, industrial production, mining, and landfills are also to blame. Each one of them has ‘helped’ induce large, global, abrupt climate change leading to a warmer planet, making it harder for us to live.

Global Warming: And so much more…

We are all threathened by this sudden climate change. Global warming isn’t a joke and we should start paying greater attention to it. Forests, Not only wildlife, and coastal areas are exposed to the climate change that the greenhouse gas may bring, but also water resources, animals and most important our health.

What should we expect from global warming? First of all, a change that will have a significant impact on the way we live will be a warmer weather. Climate change will appear in the shape of increased precipations worldwide, with acid rainfalls that will damage the natural habitat, with more frequent and intense storms that will build up and result in powerful hurricanes. And this is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’ called global warming. The hurricanes will be stronger than usual with greater devastating powers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to reduce the impact of global warming. Lately, in order to predict climate change, specialists have put up what is known as an emission inventory which registers the amount of air pollutants in the atmosphere. It also establishes the identity of the polluting agent (chemical/physical), the time period over which emissions are appreciated, the geographic area covered, and the kinds of activities that cause the emissions. This way, the scientific community is making an attempt to reduce the grave consequences of global warming.

Still, to make things clearer for everyone, global warming is the rise in the Earth’s surface temperature, in both land and water. This is caused by several factors, all of which chiefly boil down to human intervention. Firstly, global warming is caused by liberation and accumulation of many pollutants and noxious substances-the by-product of human endeavour-into the atmosphere. Secondly, global warming is caused by massive deforestation of loggers. People lack agents that help regulate and produce clean air without these plants and trees. Thirdly, global warming is caused by man’s heavy use of electronics that contribute to radioactive emissions.

In order for a person to understand the importance of knowing what global warming is and what causes it’s for him to simply watch or read the news. The recurring natural calamities that persons have been experiencing in all parts of the world are the reasons for the people need to concern themselves with global warming.

People must know that global warming is the reason why glaciers have been melting. In turn, glacier meltdown is a factor towards the rise in sea levels resulting to floods and erosions. Moreover, global warming is why there have been sudden unexpected forest fires and droughts. Further, global warming is the reason why animals have been migrating or becoming extinct due to changes in their natural habitat. Finally, global warmingexplains why human lives have been lost and properties devastated. In spite of these, some might still argue that global warming is a continuing process so it couldn’t be happening yet at this time. This is surely true. However, people are remind that the concept is not a new one and the procedure has already started many centuries back.

Another solution for the issue of global warming is recycling. It started years ago in powerful and well developed states and it’s a novelty for poor, undergoing tranzition states that are struggling to survive. But, slowly, people around the world are learning about the strong effects of recycling newspapers, plastic, glass, metal. It is a healthy action that makes the world a better place. By recycling, we not only help ourselves, but also crop yields, the forests, and water supplies which are seriously affected by climate change. We also to bear in mind the animals and the ecosystems-another sector badly damaged by climate change. We make the difference.

Feb 13, 2014

Advice About Global Warming

Global warming is the next big impact that will achieve a change in the weather patterns. Global Warming is the increase in average temperature that gradually warms the Earth’s atmosphere by definition. It is a phenomenon. This has been on the increase but in the latter century, the increase in the levels have been alarming.

The average temperature of the atmosphere has risen by 0.74-0.18 °C during the last century. It is found that the increase in global average temperature has been caused owing to an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations according to the study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This has led to an unprecedented warming of the Earth’s surface.

And Now For The Best Of Global Warming

The other phenomena is responsible for global warming include volcanoes and solar variations. Base on a few of the models by the IPCC, the prediction is that the global temperature is likely to increase by 1.1 to 6.4 °C between 1990 and 2100. This increase in temperature will cause climatic changes and extreme weather events like rising sea level, change of the quantity of precipitation, above average rainfall, melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, storms and hurricanes.

The increase in the temperature of the earth will cause the massive icebergs and glaciers in the Arctic region to melt that will finally lead to the increase in sea levels. On one hand, global warming will give rise to floods while on the other hand, it will cause extreme heat conditions; the rise in temperature being the main reason in these two cases.

It will also affect yield of crops as well as plants and animals leading to extinction of different species, on the worse side. Global warming will increase the spread of illness and there will be droughts and flooding, coral reef bleaching, forest fires etc. Global warming is no longer a myth but a fast approaching reality. These in the long run will bring the much feared ice age that will wipe out all living organism on Earth.