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Sep 27, 2013

Global warming, hold your horses!

Global Warming is one of a major problem of today’s world. There are many causes of global warming like, Burning fuels from car and, coal. Gasoline and oil increases the level of Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which greatly results in Global warming. Everyone can help reduce global warming by adapting numbers of precautions and help bring advantages to the environment.

Reducing the waste greatly contributes in the reduction of global warming. Every person should adopt the use of reusable products instead of biodegradable products that may harm the environment. Recycling also helps reduce global warming, everyone should recycle plastic, paper, cans, and glass whenever its possible. It is reported by some sources that by recycling half of your household waste, you can save almost 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Less use of Heat and Air Conditioning can also help reduce global warming. Less and driving in a smart way also helps keeps 20 pound of carbon dioxide out of atmosphere. Use of less hot water can also help reduce global warming.

Moreover, planting a tree plays an important role in reducing Global warming because during photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. A single tree will absorb almost one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime which will reduce global warming.

However, sharing knowledge of something good is a great deed. We should also tell, and encourage others about recycling and energy conservation, and should also encourage public officials to make the programs and policies that are good and brings advantages to the environment.


May 13, 2013

How Technology Can Facilitate Disaster Warnings

Imagine receiving an alert through your phone from the Environmental Agency of an impending flood, with the capacity to destroy the buildings in your neighbourhood. You get your family ready, and together with your community, you move to a safe location.

Now that is how mobile technology intends to provide aid and alert to coastline dwellers of natural disasters. The issues regarding flooding have led to the need for a radical improvement in the way floods and other natural disasters are forecast.


People use their mobile devices more these days as a convenient source of information. The Nielsen research group showed that there has been an 85% rise in mobile app development, an 82% growth in mobile websites as well as a reduction of 4% in the use of the conventional personal computer.

This means that mobile apps can be used by people to get alerts to disaster-related information in their community. Research has also shown that the use of mobile apps has more than doubled. And recently, the Environmental Agency introduced the very first Facebook flood warning system. Thus they have made flood alerts a priority in this period full of unexpected and sudden environmental disasters.

Going by Moore’s law that suggests that the power of technology doubles every 18 months, it has become a sector that cannot be ignored. This is true especially in managing the continuous natural disasters that occur in our cities today. We really need to adopt this innovative mobile technology in protecting people and their homes from unexpected natural disasters.

Apr 17, 2013

Eco-friendly Way of Disposing Old Computers

The use of computers in homes have increased tremendously, and as tech companies manufacture better ones; it becomes obvious that there has to be a way of disposing of the older ones that are either outdated or no longer in use.

A lot of times, repairing old computers doesn’t make sense, because the cost could far outweigh the entire value of the computer. So it becomes even cheaper and better to buy a new one.

In disposing of computers, you have to realize that the computer components carry poisonous substances like mercury, cadmium and lead. The lead is majorly found in the monitor of those old cathode-ray computer screens.

Recycling plant tellies and monitors Norway.

Flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, antimony trioxide, polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated biphenyls, are also present. This makes surplus computers in a home to be considered as hazardous waste by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

So to avoid the risk of contaminating our environment with heavy chemicals, recycling the computers will ensure that the glasses, metals and plastics are not wasted.

In fact, these resources from the computers can be used in the production of newer computers, while at the same time saving our ecosystem from the risks associated with environmental pollution.

You definitely wouldn’t have realized that by recycling a million computers, the amount of energy equivalent required in about 4,000 homes would have been saved.

By recycling, you also protect even your deleted personal data from your hard disk too. But ultimately, it makes so much sense to hand over your used and outdated computers to recyclers, in order to save our environment.

Apr 1, 2013

Eco-friendly and Healthy living

When we say a something is eco-friendly, it means that it does not cause damage to the environment. Put in another way, eco-friendly means earth friendly, or environment friendly.

We can be eco-friendly, both in our activities and habits at home, work and especially in the way we make use of the resources we have in our environment.

Eco-friendly habits in our homes

There are so several things we can do to preserve resources in our homes, offices and businesses.

In our homes, we can turn off the lights in empty rooms. Likewise, the use of automatic thermostats should only be used when people are around. Regulating electrical gadgets this way goes a long way to preventing the release and wasting of energy from them.

Eco-friendly Products


Basically, when we see eco-friendly on products, it suggests that the product is non-toxic. It also means that the ingredients that were used in the production process of the product were prepared in such a way that conserves resources and preserves the ecosystem.

If organic ingredients were used, it means that they were grown naturally without the use of pesticides that could be toxic at some levels. Recycled materials, contain glass, plastic or wood extracted from wasted materials; and converted into another product.

There are also products that are biodegradable, which suggests that after use they naturally break down in the soil.

So with this you can improve healthy living and manage resources in the ecosystem.

Apr 1, 2013

Earth’s Future Climate – Hopeful of Bleak?

Over the years, we have seen our beautiful world suffer from serious emissions that have threatened the natural beauty of our environment. The emission from the earth has contributed to the warming of the earth’s climate.

Scientists have already projected that if the emissions persist, then we could see the earth’s temperature increasing up to an additional 4 degrees later in this century.

So are we doing enough to stem the tide? The truth is that if tough decisions are not taken quickly and drastic, then we’ll soon be living in crises mode.


Feasible ways of halting climate change:

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) discovered that by 2050 the emissions from the earth need to be about 50% below its current levels; in their Emissions Gap Report of 2012. So, how can this gap be closed up?

There has to be total compliance with every agreement regarding reduction of green house emissions. The UNEP and other bodies concerned have to implement policies that not only go a long way to achieving emissions objective; but that are also interesting for the concerned nations to pursue.

Take for instance, implementing a better performance standard for public vehicles and buses, will obviously bring down carbon emissions, benefit the environment and enhance quality of air in cities.

Also, there has to be concerted effort in helping under-developed and developing countries adopt a low carbon economy. This can be achieved through quality policy making, and creative information technology systems.