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Sep 6, 2014

Air Pollution – Some Interesting Facts

Air Pollution does not only happen outside, if we are not careful enough, it can also occur indoors such as in your office or own house. A few examples of indoor air pollutants include, but aren’t limited to: tobacco smoke, pesticides, pollen, lead, asbestos, and carbon monoxide. Indoor air pollution can be bring about’ Sick Building Syndrome’ an event where several people get sick or affected with no specific caused specified.

When any discomfort related to air quality is felt by people living in the building, it can easily be remedied by eliminating the source of pollution from the area. Though, if exposed to certain chemicals for an extended period of time, it may cause serious diseases that may go undetected for months or years, such as some types of cancer and respiratory diseases. Keeping your indoor air quality in check can help prevent such diseases from occurring, to do this make sure to remove any potential air pollutants you have in your home.

The Air Pollution Discussion Continues…

The more closed a domestic environment is, the more the air is contaminated with major pollutants (acids, metals, gases, soil or dust particles), and organic chemicals; it must be purified in a coherent manner. Otherwise, the air is stagnant, full of moisture and became a factor contributing to new biological, chemical and organic pollutants. These pollutants can cause respiratory and inflammatory diseases-rhinitis, allergies, asthma, infertility, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and certain systemic diseases (diseases that affect a number of bodies and tissues, or affect the body as a whole).

All of us are vulnerable to risks concerning our health as we face our life everyday. Driving cars, engaging in recreational activities, a journey to the park are all examples of being exposed to environmental pollutants that pose a threat to every individual’s health. There are just those risks that we face without knowing. These are risks we face in order that we do not inhibit our important daily routines in life. There are also risks that we wish to avoid, but do not have the choice to do so. Fortunately, indoor air pollution is a health risk that you will be able easily avoid. To do avoid air pollution it is preferable to use a water based air purifier in your home, using a MERV-13 Air Conditioner Filter to easily filter insecticide dust and bacteria, while changing your household cleaning supplies to natural cleaning supplies instead of artificially made products using chemicals.


Gas-releasing sources are major causes of indoor air pollution in most homes. Adequate ventilation is required to keep indoor air pollution at a minimum, by having access to outdoor air the pollutants inside your home can easily be carried outside thus reducing it to a low level. Higher concentrations of pollutants in the home may likewise be caused by high temperatures and humidity inside the home.

Prevention is always better than cure, so to save up on money that most practical thing we gotta do is to eliminate the source of indoor pollution inside your residence. Some sources need to be set to minimize production of pollutants, while other sources need to be sealed off such those that contain asbestos. Generally, the most effective and cost-efficient way to make your home a better world to live in is to remove the source of pollution rather than increasing ventilation sources. A water based air purifier will be great for making your air clean.

Nov 2, 2013

Solar Lighting: Benefits for the Rural Areas of the World

ruralareasdevelopingcountriesIs solar lighting a fad, something that a really great marketer made up to get people to believe they’re actually helping the environment? Or are there real and substantial benefits to switching to solar lighting.  The places where we would see the biggest advantage are in rural areas of developing countries.  The developing world has significantly benefited from the use of solar lighting in rural regions. Here’s why:


Solar lamps replace kerosene lamps, which are a serious fire hazard in the developing world. There are tens of thousands of people killed every year from fires caused by kerosene lamps. Solar electric is a safe way to have lighting without the risk of fire.

Lighting After Dark

Having cheap, solar powered lighting after dark allows families to work longer and get more done. It has been shown that regions where there is more solar lighting have increased economic activity because they can work longer. Bringing in solar lighting into a rural area also brings more economic activity with the sale of lighting in that area.

The other side of this is that literacy rates are also increasing as people can now read after dark more easily than they can by candlelight. People in rural areas can now seek education more readily and also attach themselves to the modern world.

Saves Energy and Reduces Air Pollution

Solar lighting allows rural areas to save electricity costs, which can be put towards the lighting of their centers, or more urban areas. The use of solar power also decreases the air pollution in a region, which can also keep the agriculture healthier.

Improves Health Programs

The use of solar lighting system by health centers in rural areas also improves the quality of the care. Solar systems will allow power to be on longer and will improve the actual ability to see properly, ultimately leading to better diagnosis and treatments. Even childbirth often happens in the dark.

Jun 3, 2013

Eliminating Pollution in the Environment

In our world today, pollution has become a daunting issue in our environment today because many people have failed to understand the need to preserve our planet’s environment. There are different ways to ensure we protect the earth through our activities.

Can you imagine us having us having 800 million cars around the world, what the impact of exhaust fumes released from these cars will bring to the environment? If you own a car, you have to be responsible for reducing the pollution problem in the environment.


A way to reduce pollution in the environment is to use vehicles less often especially if you live close to your school or workplace. It doesn’t hurt if you walk to your workplace or use a bike. It helps keep you in good shape and also reduces pollution into the atmosphere.

Also turn off the car engine when it is not in use, and use the car park while waiting for your turn in a drive-through diner. You also save on the gas consumed by the car.

Maintaining you vehicle also helps to reduce air pollution. Keeping check of your tires and making sure that they are inflated properly also helps reduce the pollution it releases into the atmosphere. This also improves the friction between the tires.

Further, when you are at home, put off appliances that are not in use. Lights, air conditioners, warmers and any appliances in rooms where there’s no one in it should be turned off.