Apr 20, 2013

Steps To Repair a Damaged Lawn

Once in a while we observe that the lawns in our homes are damaged or looked patched. This can be caused by several factors such as harmful insects, weeds or lack of care. We repair the damaged lawn to restore its fresh and green appearance. The earlier it is done the better.

damaged lawn

The steps here will give a head start in repairing your damaged lawn.

Water continuously

Applying enough water can help bring the grasses back to life. To measure how much water is enough, keep a food can during sprinkling. Once it accumulates half inch of water, you can stop

Replace the patches

With a small hand shovel, remove the soil surface of dead spots or patches and water it. You can also spread seeds and observe the spot until grasses sprout up.

Apply the fertilizers

Visit your local store and use any proven fertilizer application product that help give your lawn the appropriate nutrients it needs; as well as strengthen grass roots in the soil.

Clear any dead grasses

Dead grasses are just dead. Take them out with a rake and replace with seeds. You can spread a few of the dead grasses and water appropriately.

Uproot any weeds

Though this step is last here, it can even be done first, considering how important it is to the growth of the grasses in your lawn. Watch and make sure that weeds are uprooted. Also don’t allow plants from your plant bed to begin appearing on your lawns.

Generally, it is important to take care of your lawns and prevent any of the above from the outset. This will give the grasses longer life, and eliminate the stress of repairing a damaged lawn.

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