Feb 13, 2018

Staying at Home Longer is Now a Reality

Our homes mean a lot to us. They are the places where we have experienced some of our fondest memories and watched our children grow up. Maintaining an attractive and functional home also helps to enhance our individual sense of purpose and accomplishment. As we age, our home becomes even more important because most of us tend to spend a great amount of time there.

As we grow older, physical and mental challenges can become more acute. For some, that means it is no longer safe to remain at home without assistance. Relatives and friends are often eager to help at first, but when the challenges of such an arrangement become apparent, they tend to be less receptive. This is not their fault: caregiving can be enormously challenging if you don’t have the right background.

Fortunately, aging at home is now a very realistic proposition and more and more Canadians are planning in advance for it. The key is an in-home personal support worker. These trained professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help their clients with everything from major physical challenges to the basics of daily living that are now more difficult to do.

One of the best of these specialized service providers is Right at Home (RAH). Helping Canadians right across the country for many years, RAH thoroughly assesses each client in order to know exactly where their needs lie. Using this information, they find the worker(s) best suited to aiding that individual and draw up a visit schedule. RAH in-home assistance has made living a pleasure again for thousands of Canadians by allowing them to stay where they wish to live. While most are elderly, RAH also works with people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident and others who began to experience ongoing physical and mental challenges at an early age.

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