Dec 4, 2017

Spending Christmas Alone This Year?

Christmas is traditionally a time to get together with your family and friends. However, what if that is not possible this year? Or maybe, after years of one unpleasant family holiday dinner after another, you’ve simply had enough and want to stay home alone?

Many people would be mortified by the thought of Christmas entirely on their own, but spending December 25th on your own does have some definite appeal.

Enjoy the Quiet

No commitments means there is absolutely no rush to get out of bed—how refreshing is that? Many people in your neighborhood or building will likely head out of town for the day, so everything will be nice and quiet. Enjoy going for long walks in solitude? Christmas Day provides an excellent opportunity. Best of all: no screaming children or arguing adults.

Get Things Done

If you don’t want to spend the day doing nothing, use this chance to get some things done. Enjoy that rare chance to really throw yourself into something without perpetual interruptions.


If you want to be away from the usual suspects, but still would like to give back on Christmas, try volunteering. Check with your local volunteer center and see if there are any organizations that need help on December 25th.

Enjoy Foreign Cuisine

If you’re ditching company, why not also ditch turkey? Most restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t apply to Chinatown or most restaurants specializing in cuisine from other far off places. Never could convince your friends to try that interesting looking Turkish establishment across town? Make a reservation and go there yourself.

Forget That It’s Christmas

Supremely tired of the day and the people who live for it? Turn off the TV, radio, and internet and do what you would normally do on one of those rare days off that you have all to yourself.

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