Jun 30, 2012

Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina)


Did you know?

That the South Atlantic Elephant Seal is the largest member of the order of carnivores?

There is a difference in size and weight between males and females of the Mirounga leonina species. Males have an average weight of about 2,200 kg (maximum of more than 4,000 kg) and a length of 4.2 m (6.2 m maximum). Females, on the other hand, are five times smaller than males. Females have an average weight of 700 kg and 1,000 kg with a length of about 3 m.

The color of the skin in both sexes is dark gray to brown with a lighter chest. The young are born with a dark brown-black fur, which molt after 1 month for a shorter coat of gray hair.

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