May 15, 2012

Socorro Dove (Zenaida graysoni)

Did you know?

It is believed that the Zenaida Relief has been extinct primarily by cats? Also, the hunting and high levels of sheep grazing in the understory may have been factors leading to the extinction of the species.

The Zenaida graysoni is measured at 26.5 to 34 cm. It is a mainly terrestrial bird of average size, as reflected by tarsus length, and weighs about 190 g. The male has the head and lower parts of tan, with black stripes on the bottom of the ear. It has a blue-gray neck and iridescent pink patch on the neck.

The coloration of females and juveniles is slightly opaque. As this is common in birds of many islands who are isolated from natural predators, they show no fear of man. This species is also called “Lonesome Dove”.

The male Zenaida Relief seem to be very aggressive. The female lays two small captive white eggs in a nest box placed 1 to 2.5 m above the ground. Incubation takes 14-17 days. The young then leaves the nest after 14-20 days.

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