Jan 7, 2012

Sea Shepherd: drones and a shipwreck

Specializing in hunting Japanese whalers boats of the southern seas, the NGO has recently established a quasi-military equipment, as drones joined the fleet.

Drones, they are small unmanned aircraft, with a range of several hundred hours, with a range of 300 km, and equipped with everything needed to espionage and Taken: GPS, cameras, and cameras.

Offered by two U.S. companies for recycling and maritime safety, drones allow boat crews to detect anti-whalers to hundreds of kilometers away, and discretion, the factory ships that make their way to Antarctica for the whale fishing.

Fishing, it is said often enough, been banned for years, but the Japanese continue to practice, claiming a scientific purpose in this large-scale slaughter.

Service in recent weeks, these drones have spotted the example Nisshin Maru factory ship Japanese, who sped south to cross the path of the whales. This is the Brigitte Bardot, a boat in the fleet to black flag, which was launched in pursuit. But then, he was struck by a powerful wave that cracked its hull. Result: distress call issued by the 11 crew members from wearing their survival suits. An event that is reminiscent of the sinking of the Ady Gil, Sea Shepherd’s ship, which was hit by a Japanese whaling while trying to block his path.

Still, the ship Steve Irwin, the flagship of the NGO, came to the assistance of Brigitte Bardot, in rough seas to rescue between dips 5 meters: 4 crew have been saved, and three others will be soon. The official website of the NGO announced in a note dated yesterday that 4 people remain on board to bring the boat on land, in this case Australia. The Bob Barker, the third ship of the fleet, says he, his mission to hunt.

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