May 20, 2013

Ry forWhy Melting Glaciers is Not a Good Sign?

Glaciers are amazing nature’s process and an even more spectacular sight to behold. Glaciers are made of compressed fallen snow, packed into thick masses of crystallized ice. Fallen snow packed on top of the other and under their own weight, glaciers can move and slide downwards towards lower area.

In recent years, glaciers have been melting faster than they usually do. Glaciers have always melted to a certain amount due to warmer weather like during summer. However, because of global warming and an increase of the average temperature, glaciers are melting rapidly and in some places have gone entirely. When warmer water melts glaciers faster than they can accumulate, there will be no more glaciers to replace the existing ones that are used as source of freshwater and electricity by some communities in the world.

Breaching Iceberg - Greenland, August 8, 2008

Why are glaciers so important? They are just thick sheets of ice moving slowly, aren’t they?

When glaciers melt, the water will flow from the streams and rivers and into the ocean. When this happens, the water level in the ocean will rise. Coastal areas will flood and homes will be destroyed. Farmlands that are situated at lower lands will also be flooded and the crops will be gone. This will disrupt our way of life and our source of living. When all the water flows into the ocean, the streams and river will dry up and the people who use water from these water sources will suffer from shortage of water supply.

Increase in global average temperature has caused dire consequences on glaciers. It’s a phenomenon that needs to be addressed before more serious problems occur.

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