Jan 6, 2012

Robin Wright Is Against Congo’s Conflicting Metal War

The tragedy of Africa is that it appears to be sitting on a mountain of gold and it almost seems impossible to grow. Congo is a prime example, it’s been the scene of the deadliest conflict since World War II with 5.5 million deaths between 1996 and 2003.

The country’s basement is filled with reserves of tantalum, gold, tin, and tungsten (material used in the manufacture of mobile phones, computers and other broadcasters) coveted by the government (which seems quite legitimate) but also by armed military groups.

Hence there is opposition, the whole is a rule in a bath of blood and violence.

So what better way to alert the West who prefer to look the other way than sending a star on the spot? Sean Penn wanted to help Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, Robin Wright, his former wife, from the eastern Congo, in a mining area disturbed and as part of the “Enough” (enough) to stop genocide and crimes against humanity taking place on site. Human Rights in the east, the area in question, obviously blithely ignored by armed groups, and if you have little or no information on the precautions taken with the environment during Mining is likely that there are not many.

How do we, too, despite the distance, bring a stone to the resolution of the conflict? Simply, by making a donation to the Enough Project. Or, using the classification made by the organization of electronics manufacturers. These were rated according to their involvement in the purchase of metals from the conflict zone. More traceability of the metals used is good, better mark is recorded. A classification should be compared with that of the Greenpeace environmental commitment of these brands, and you should have an interesting panorama of brands to follow and those to abandon …

Otherwise, Robin Wright, Jenny Forrest Gump, appears in a short film to tell you about his adventure. Caution is in English!

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