Apr 4, 2012

Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)


Did you know?

That the Red Panda is a close relative of the raccoon? However, their habits are very different, for example, while the raccoon is an opportunistic omnivore, the Red Panda subsists mainly of bamboo. Because they can not digest cellulose, they need to consume large quantities of bamboo to survive.

The Red Panda is an animal like a cat, a relative of mapachesy. Its coat has a reddish-brown and black. The head-body length is 51-64 cm, the length of the tail is 28-48 cm. Body weight is generally between 3.5 and 5.5 kg. The head is rounded and the snout is short and pointed. The muzzle, chin, a patch over each eye and cheeks are white. The ears are rather large, pointed and surrounded by long white hair. The back is dark. The tail is thick, about two thirds of the head-body length and very faint rings (about 8 rings). The coat is long and soft, with a dense undercoat. The upper parts are rusty to dark brown color with a yellowish tinge, darker along the middle of the back. The legs and belly are reddish brown to black. The sexes are alike.

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