May 25, 2012

Recycling Mobile Phones

Every year in Europe, there is an impressive figure of 160 million mobile phones that are thrown. And of this number, only 1% is recycled properly. This data came from a study of the Renewal Device Forum. Mobile phones are part of the so-called WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment).

A huge number of polluting technology which, if recycled and reused, could lead to savings of 1.5 billion euros on materials and 120 million in energy savings.


These huge numbers stress the lack of widely-used consumer products into the environment: “Few people return their phones at the end of its use, despite incentives, and (some) information campaign,” says an executive at Sony Mobile France.

How do we recycle? First of all, try to use your phones as long as possible. If they’re no longer working, however, confer them to the ecological islands (or recycling centers) in your municipality for recycling and recovery. The collection should always know what to do.

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