Apr 29, 2012

Rainbow Parrot (Trichoglossus haematodus)

Did you know?

That these colorful parrots often frequent feeders coastal homes, railings balconies or windows with bread dipped in honey. And you can even scream and bite people when it comes to getting food?

The Rainbow Parrot has a total length of about 26 cm from the tip of the peak at the tip of the tail. The sexes are similar in plumage, but the female is smaller and has a shorter bill. The plumage in general is very colorful, with green, blue, black, red and yellow, but there is much variation between the different sub-species (20 subspecies). The legs are gray. They have a red beak and iris. Immature birds have duller plumage than adults, a black-brown beak and iris brown. 

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