May 21, 2012

Plain Anoa (Bubalus depressicornis)

Did you know?

That Anoas are the world’s smallest cattle? They are often called dwarf buffalo, which is its closest relative.

The Plain Anoa is a species of small cattle with plump body, a thick neck and short legs that are delicate as those of the antelopes. The head to body length is 170-190 cm, while the shoulder height is 80-100 cm. The Plain Anoa weighs up to 300 kg.

The Bubalus depressicornis has a coat that is short and almost bare (woolly in juveniles). The color is dark brown or black, with lighter underparts. Females may be lighter in color than males. The legs are white or yellowish white from the knees to the heels, with a black line on the front.

The Bubalus depressicornis have whitish color in several parts of the face and neck, such as the presence sometimes of a white crescent on the throat. The ears are medium in size and tip. The horns are short (20-40 cm) and straight, with a triangular cross section at the base. Their tails have a small bushy tip.

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