Jun 28, 2012

Pink Cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeateri)


Did you know?

That while raising the chicks, the male pink cockatoo usually sits on the nest during the day and female does this by night?

The Pink Cockatoo is a species of smaller cockatoo, reaching a total length of 35 cm. It is the only cockatoo with a multi-color crest. The plumage of the crown, upper parts and tail are white. The narrow ridge is directed forward scarlet with a yellow center band and a white tip. The face and underparts are salmon pink and the undersides of the wings and underside of tail are deep salmon pink. The beak is rather small and white, the feet is gray and the iris is dark brown in males. The females have pale red-brown iris, while the immatures have clearer iris.

The Pink Cockatoo usually travels in pairs or small flocks, often in conjunction with the Eolophus roseicapilla or small blood Cockatoos (Cacatua sanguinea). Most of the day, the Pink Cockatoos spend their time foraging on the ground or in trees.

The breeding season is from August to December. The birds nest in hollow trees, coated with dust and bits of rotten tree bark. The clutch usually consists of 2 to 4 eggs which are incubated by both parents for 30 days. The chicks leave the nest at 6 to 8 weeks but remain with their parents as a family group. They feed on seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and roots. The drink early in the morning and evening.

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