Aug 20, 2012

Over 7,000 People Suffer Cuts in Water Supply


More than 7,000 people have been cut in the water supply or low fluid pressure as a result of a fault in the motor of the Atalaya well, one of two that supply Baza (Granada), and whose arrangement is planned for on Wednesday afternoon after the removal of damaged machinery.

The local council is confident that at the time they run out of supply deficiencies, which are affecting especially the neighborhood of the Caves, as it depends on the deposits of the Watchtower for its supply.

From the Consistory claim that this is a situation “grave” for the large number of people affected, but fortunately “has reached more than”, thanks to the collaboration of irrigators, Mayor Caz, payments, and Zoaime Guines, who have ceded part of their irrigation water to supply a large part of the population.

For the acting mayor, Miguel Angel Coca, this situation could have been avoided if the channeling of water from the Portillo was put into use. So, he has warned that “the supply of drinking water for 22,000 people can not rely solely on wells, whose contribution depends on the level of aquifers and rain.”

As highlighted by Coca, “the work of the pipeline is almost complete, the pipe is connected to our deposits and remains only a small stretch run”, so is confident that in September the Prefectures in Granada resume study the issue and a solution that guarantees the supply to Baza.



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