Feb 18, 2014

Oil Spills – Elements To Consider

For many throughout the country, and all over the world, the BP oil leak in the Gulf this past spring and summer appears to be a distant memory; however, for some who live along the coast and indeed, for marine wildlife whose habitat was severely damaged by the oil spill, the pain of the event still lingers on to this day. Undoubtedly, oil from the spill still exists in some areas, and oil spill cleanup is still an ongoing process.

Although rare events, massive oil spills and leaks such as the one seen in the Gulf of Mexico this year have the potential to cause tremendous damage in a variety of senses, from habitat destruction to economic destruction. Needless to say, when a serious spill does happen, it is imperative that it not only be efficiently contained, but the profoundly negative impact of the spill also need to be mitigated effectively via quality oil spill cleanup efforts. Although these efforts may take a number of years and even perhaps decades before most of the oil is cleaned up, it was essential that a proper clean up strategy be put in place to ensure that the process can be as cost-effective and efficient as possible.


When an oil spill does occur, effective strategies to contain and clean up the oil can be obtained, particularly if the oil spill containment and clean up solutions come from Stewart Technology Associates. This professional marine and offshore engineering consultancy firm has a lot of experience dealing with oil spills and has provided efficient, cost-effective, and above all else, high quality oil spill containment and clean up solutions that work. Without a doubt, Stewart Technology Associates isn’t only interested in providing high quality solutions for clients, but it’s also important to emphasise that this house is extremely interested in preserving the environment and minimizing any environment damage that occurs as a consequence of oil or gas production operations, and because that is the case, Stewart Technology Associates works extra hard to verify that its oil spill containment and cleanup solutions are nothing less than top-notch.

If you would like to learn more regarding the high quality oil spill cleanup or containment solutions offered by Stewart Technology Associates, then please continue to browse through the remainder of our website. Also be sure to contact Stewart Technology Associates directly by phone or email if you would like to move up with a specific marine and offshore engineering consultancy solution, such as riser analysis.

Protests and campaigns throughout the globe which is intended to save marine life forms have been occurring not only over that oil spill, but for longer than two decades. Today, industrial companies and ship owners are more informed of their responsibilities to deter and clean up after their mess to avoid a repetition of those incidents. Using oil spill solutions don’t only help prevent widespread marine life deterioration but it also helps the companies become more responsible in conducting their businesses.

Stewart Technology Associates have been devoted to excellence, for over 20 years. We have worked closely with marine organizations around the world during this time to help them overcome some of the more difficult and complex obstacles and challenges. Whether you require pipe lay analysis, mooring analysis, expert witness marine, jack up CE marking, analysis, or other services.

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