Sep 25, 2017

It’s Official: Cats Make Great Pets

The question of whether cats or dogs make the better pet is an eternal argument that will likely never be solved to anyone’s satisfaction. However, we come here today not to belittle dogs, but simply to praise cats. Millions of people around the world know that cats are great pets; if have not already discovered this yourself, the following information might help change your mind.

They are independent

Frankly, dogs are a lot of work. You have to walk them a few times a day and most of them cannot be left alone for long periods of time. Let’s say you get held up at work and are going to be a few hours late coming home. For dogs, this can be a catastrophe, but for a cat, well, they might not even notice. Need to go away for the weekend? You have to you to take your dog with you or make arrangements for someone to look after it. When it comes to cats, it is just a matter of leaving out some extra food and water.


Dogs can be one of the affectionate creatures around and have amusingly expressive faces. Cats are not quite their equal in either of those areas, but they have one amazing secret weapon that dogs lack: purring. A cat’s purr can be remarkably soothing and appealing, especially when the rest your day has royally sucked.

They are trainable

People like to joke that cats are essentially untrainable; they do what they want when they want and nobody is going to change that. However, it is possible to train a cat, you just have to be especially patient. You will never get a cat to retrieve a ball or bring you the newspaper in the morning, but you can actually train them to go for a walk and do other rudimentary things. So give it a try!

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