Dec 28, 2011

New generation of solar lighting

For those of you who don’t know, the principle of operation of a solar lighting is that a photovoltaic panel “captures” the solar energy, it converts it into electricity and sends it in batteries or batteries, where it is stored. The lighting device (usually a diode for low power consumption) is then fed by the battery / batteries.

Everyone has already seen this principle, with the solar light garden. This type of lamp has become widespread over the past fifteen years.

But since 2 or 3 years, thanks to advances in solar cells for energy efficiency, it is possible to use this technology in other applications more powerful and accurate.

This is the case of a solar spot, which can today illuminate up to 12m and be equipped with a motion sensor and even a twilight sensor for the most advanced.

There are also applications of finer or artistic, as the solar light.

And all without connecting a single wire, as each device is completely self-powered.

Using solar energy to illuminate his garden, his house or garage … is primarily a practical gesture.
But it is also a gesture ecological solar energy only makes it possible to recharge, avoiding in this use of electricity.

But beware, the amount of solar energy “available” is not the same throughout the year. On average you will receive solar lighting 2 times less energy than photovoltaic summer. This is also an ecological behavior: learning to do with the resources available!

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