Jun 8, 2012

Nature Takes its Place


MONTREAL – Small treasures are hiding in the streets of Plateau Mont-Royal. Agency tours in Montreal begins to unravel these unsung greenĀ gems.

During the weekends of June, Ivan Drouin will discover some curious alleys green with the City of Montreal and its citizens.

“It’s an exploration that begins with the history of the urban metropolis. I explain to people how the development of gardens and alleyways has changed since the French colonial houses, the English country houses, and homes of the industrial era,” Drouin spreads.

From this small back alleys of the explorers learn how over time, the alley, which was used by various services such as delivery drivers and sellers of coal in rags, will lose its practical nature. Neglected by the workers, the alley was somewhat deserted during the year.

Snowball effect

However, since the 1970s, some citizens decided to break down the fences of their backyard, but still extends to the alley. Thus, it is a community movement that was born and has snowballed into the neighborhoods.

“When people see a beautiful green lane, the desire to beautify their takes to turn the public space. Obviously, we need people precursors, ready to lead the movement because it is a lot of work, “says Drouin.

This is indeed the sweat of their brow as private citizens undertake to transform their driveway. For the district is involved, it often takes only two owners offer the project through their eco-neighborhood. The district may request a signed agreement from 60% to 90% of owners of buildings in the alley in question.

“We have a management plan, a timeline, a section of concrete. The process takes at least two years. And once all this is done, it’s not over, it is necessary that a committee Lane takes care of its maintenance,” said Drouin.

Social networks have facilitated the process, however, since a simple click on Facebook now allows members of these groups to know when will the next big semaison or watering periods. It is with trial and error that they have sometimes turned into their driveway concreted true way to blush with envy the Irish valleys.

Better quality of life

Beyond aesthetics, these managed lanes appear to improve the quality of life for residents.

“When they are clean and greened, motorists are less likely to pass through the narrow streets, reducing traffic and noise. In addition, there is less crime, fewer people use drugs at night, because they see that residents monitor and hold to their small passage, “says Drouin.

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