Apr 17, 2012

Maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)


Did you know?

That particularly long-legged maned Wolf, are a type of adaptation that allow you to see over the long grass where it is often hunted?

The maned wolf is unmistakable because of its height which is greater than the length of the trunk, her long legs and short tail. The body length is 110-130 cm, the shoulder height is 80-90 cm and weighing about 20-35 kg. The dark muzzle is long and thin. The long ears are whitish hairs inside. The throat is white. The coat is red to yellow, hairy, dark hairs on the back forming an erectile mane. The underside is creamy-white and the legs are dark brown-black. The maned wolf feeds mainly on small vertebrates, invertebrates and fruit. Presents a social system alone. For communication intraspecific maned wolves are mainly based on the signals to communicate over long distances and maintain the spacing between individuals through avoidance, for example with a bark or a threat to vision, as well as through the specific defecation.

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