Apr 15, 2012

Malagasy Mallard (Anas melleri)

Did you know?

That the Malagasy Mallard is one of only four species of dabbling ducks (genus Anas) who live in Madagascar, including the Madagascar Teal (A. Bernieri), Red-billed Duck (A. erythrorhyncha) Hottentot Teal (A. hottentota) and Meller Duck (A. melleri). Of these, A. Bernieri and A. melleri are endemic.

The Malagasy Mallard duck is a medium plunge, with a body weight of approximately 1 kg. Outside the breeding season, this duck is usually found in pairs or small groups of 4 -12 birds, but occasionally larger congregations can be observed. It becomes highly territorial during the breeding season lasts from September to April. Nesting occurs in a plume of herbaceous vegetation (papyrus, for example) to the water’s edge, especially along streams and ponds around the lakes. Sets 5-10 yellowish white eggs the female incubates alone for 27-29 days. It feeds on seeds and aquatic plants.

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