Jan 23, 2012

LED 4G launches new range of LED ribbons

The French specialist in LED lamp starts at the beginning of the year, a new range of flexible LED ribbons. For those who have yet to meet such’éclairage, LED tape is a very flexible band (self-adhesive or simply fixable) covered with LEDs.

The tapes led to the brand LED 4G are intended mainly for the interior and exterior lighting of dwellings or businesses. This new range offers a choice to install an innovative lighting design and offering a warm atmosphere. These tapes allow LEDs to balance design and low power because their power is limited to 2.4 watts per meter.

The range currently has thirty references, you can select according to the following criteria:
– The color of light: cool white or warm white
– Light intensity: strong or mood lighting
– The level of sealing: IP 20 (without sealing) for indoor or IP68 (immersion up sealing for aquariums or outdoor)
– Length: 1 m, 2 m or 5 m

Their price is between € 9.95 and € 94.95 depending on the characteristics above.

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