Mar 16, 2012

Kiribati, the first victim of global warming

Kiribati is an island located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia and is the first country in the world to celebrate the New Year. Composed of 33 atolls and volcanic island, this small nation is slowly disappearing.

Its beautiful beaches are being literally swallowed slowly as a result of global warming. To the effects of this problem, some people have had to move to the higher parts of the island. The Kiribati government has also begun to take other measures, most notably, the possible purchase of 20 square kilometers of land to neighboring Fiji. The authorities had also thought constuir some structure that could accommodate its population, but due to high costs, they could not solve this initiative.

In fact, buying another country’s territory is in question, it is estimated that the cost could reach $ 10 million. This figure is difficult to spend to Kiribati, which has high rates of poverty. It currently has a population of around 100 thousand inhabitants, many of whom are suffering the effects of global warming and living under the name of climate refugees.

Living conditions are quite poor and is an example.This image shows an air controller in his job at the airport in Kiribati. For now, President Anote Tong said that to reach an agreement with Fiji, you must also create jobs and policies that see citizens as immigrants and refugees. “Climate change is happening now, in my own country,” said Claire Anterea activist, one of the citizens of Kiribati which featured a speech at a UN conference on Climate Change.

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