Apr 26, 2012

King Vulture (Sarcoramphus potato)

Did you know?

That the actual King Vulture is one of the most powerful of all American vultures that can open carcasses with their mouths, compared to other vultures? So often, the eat first and the other vultures feed after their remains.

The King Vulture is colorful, medium sized bird with a length of 80 cm. Its wingspan is about 120 to 200 cm and it weighs at around 2.7-4.5 kg . The head and neck are bare. This helps to prevent bacteria get on the feathers of the head. After eating, the vulture is relaxed in the sun, ensuring that the heat kills bacteria. The iris is white and eyes are surrounded by red. The beak is orange. The wings are wide and has a short tail. The wings and the dorsal aspect of the tail are black. The underside of the wings and chest are white. 

The King Vultures are scavengers. They feed on carrion that could spread disease and are also able to use a food resource that few animals can exploit.


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