May 13, 2013

Keeping Safe during Thunderstorm Conditions

We know how scary and intense thunderstorms can be when they come, especially during storms. They happen every now and then around the world – happening about 16 million times yearly, and lasting for about 30 minutes on the average.

In keeping yourself as well as your neighbors and family members safe during a thunderstorm, there are guidelines that should help you.

Usually, the first thing you have to do is to be updated on the happenings around your neighborhood. You can follow events online, by phone or by accessing what is happening outside by yourself. These days, a lot of severe weather conditions are monitored with accuracy, so you can follow the news for updates about the direction and movement of the storm.


Cover and secure all outdoor appliances, because debris can be as risky as electric shocks and lightning. Inside the home, stay away from windows and doors as well as electrical appliances as the storm passes. In fact it is best to have all of the electrical appliances unplugged from the sockets.

It is important to unplug electrical appliances because lightning can actually travel through the wires and cables. Also avoid the phones and leave sockets unplugged from electric current except where it is necessary.

These steps can help you avoid thunderstorms as they pass by your house. Sometimes they could last longer than normal, but you have to give a time frame of about 10 minutes after the storm before going out of your safe haven.

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