Jan 9, 2012

Japanese Tsunami Trash Reaches the US

In March 2011, an earthquake off Japan would cause a tsunami ready to sweep over the islands. 15 000 deaths reported, caused a nuclear disaster, and millions of tons of debris carried by the ocean who is retiring after having submerged lands.

In a previous article, we relayed the fear of U.S. authorities to see washing up on beaches on the Pacific coast of the remains of some 20 million tons of trash carried by Japanese tsunami waves. To get an idea of the magnitude of the thing, we refer to the photo at the top of the article.

The United States believed that the waste would reach their shores in 2013, but this week is a buoy that was found in Washington state after traveling over 7000 kilometers at sea Coastal States may now prepare for a more massive arrival of such “surprises”.

More worryingly, the ocean could make human remains on the beaches of America, with over 15 000 people disappeared in the disaster, probably carried by the wave. And we do not speak any radioactive releases straight from Fukushima.

Unless the ocean gyres, these gigantic clouds of waste that aggregate much of the debris carried by the currents, do a little more volume by attracting them to the remains of the destructive wave.

In one case as in the other, that’s very bad news for the environment …

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