May 30, 2013

How to Solve Problems Associated with Aquarium Setups

Following the challenges we have in our ecosystem today especially with marine life and excessive fishing in our waters; it has become paramount we contribute to the amount of fishes meant for human consumption. This means that we have to set up aquariums for raising fishes.

Raising fishes in an aquarium has very high economic benefits; however, this also comes with its attendant challenges. Here, we look at some of the problems and their solutions.

You will observe that most of the problems have to do with the quality of water in which the fishes are raised in. The truth is that water is the most important part of successfully managing an aquarium.


Growth of Algae

As long as you are raising fishes in an aquarium, you are going to experience algal growth. The challenge may not be in making the aquarium tank completely free of algae, but rather being able to control its growth.

To reduce or eliminate algae, you simply control what they need to grow – sunlight and food. You can also introduce fishes as well as snails that feed on algae. This way they are reduced drastically in the aquarium tank.

Green or Cloudy Water

You can experience unclear waters in your aquarium for some certain reasons. It could be as a result of fine particles. These usually settle down after some time or days. Dissolved minerals also contribute to cloudiness in your tank.

When this happens, check the pH of the water; if it is high, then you will have to lower it using special water pH conditioner. You can also decide to change your source of water.

These are not the only challenges you might encounter, but as your experience grows, you’ll be able to handle more as they come.

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