Apr 20, 2013

How Eco-friendly is Wind Energy?

There has been so much rave about eco-friendly ways of generating energy in our world today. One of such is by using wind turbines that are powered by high currents of wind.

On close observation of how tapping energy from wind occurs, one begins to wonder if it doesn’t go contrary to the whole essence of green energy production.

First, the fact that wind is not available at every point in time keeps the turbines idle at these times, making them unreliable. Sometimes too, when the wind comes, it could come with such velocity that the turbines will be turned off, so they don’t catch fire and disintegrate.


Also, as long as we are concerned about our environment, we have to take note of the birds and bats the rotating blades of the turbines kill at every point in time. Not to mention the uncomfortable sounds it produces when it is rotating. The sounds have damaging effects on mammals especially.

As for emissions, the concrete base and towers of steel produces a lot of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. This doesn’t mean greenness in any sense.

Furthermore, costs of maintaining a wind turbine is high. Each of its motor lasts just for 10 to 15 years, including the costs involved in installing its transmission lines.

So there needs to be a reassessment of how green the energy produced by wind technology really is. There has to be a way of minimizing its negative impacts in the environment, or reducing its general maintenance costs.


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