Jun 27, 2012

Heat Waves Reach the Northern Peninsula


The Meteorological Agency forecast for this Wednesday, are significantly higher temperatures in most parts of the Peninsula and the Canary Islands. There will be intervals of strong wind on the Cantabrian coast and the Canary Islands.

Cloudy intervals, mainly middle and high clouds in the Peninsula, with possibility of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon in the northern half and southeastern mountainous area are forecasted. It will be more likely in the Cantabrian mountain range, high Ebro, Aragon and Pyrenees, where it may be locally moderate.

The weather will tend to be slightly cloudy in the afternoon and evening in the southwest quadrant. There will be cloudy intervals in Ceuta and Melilla.

It will be partly cloudy in the Balearics. In the Canaries, it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy in the northern islands of greater importance, and partly cloudy or clear in the rest.

There is a possibility for morning fog patches in Galicia and Cantabria, and a probable mist in the CalimasĀ and the Canary Islands.

Daytime temperatures are moderate to significant rise in the Cantabrian East, in light to moderate decline in the Atlantic side of the peninsula and with little change in the rest.

There will also be weak to moderate winds from the east turning west, with some intervals of strong in the Cantabrian coast. Weak to moderate westerly peninsula in the Atlantic, and east in the Strait. There will be slack variables in the rest of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands. In the Canaries, it will be moderate from the north with some strong intervals.

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