Mar 30, 2012

Guanaco (Lama guanicoe)

Did you know?

That the guanacos, like all camelids have a complex 3-compartment stomach?Although not considered ruminants remastican repeated and forage intake. In fact, they are more efficient at converting food to ruminants and the extraction of protein and energy from poor quality forages.

The guanacos are large ungulates with a head to body total length of 180-190 cm, a shoulder height of 100-120 cm and a weight of up to 140 kg. They have pointed ears, deeply cleft, very mobile lips, a slender neck and long legs with wide hooves and calluses on the inner sides of limbs. The coat is shaggy and longer on the flanks, chest and thighs. The beige color is dark brown above, the head is dark gray and the underside is white. The guanacos are diurnal and territorial. They are found in family groups of up to 25 individuals, consisting of the male and several females with their young, singles groups or solitary males. After a gestation period of 11 months, born to a single offspring is weaned at age 3-4 months and reach sexual maturity at 18 (females) to 24 (males) months. The guanacos are predominantly herbivores, their diet consists of, for example, in Tierra del Fuego, 90% of Festuca and Poa species, but also browses shrubs to some extent (18% in Mendoza).

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